Easyship vs Shippo – Best eCommerce Shipping Solution (2024 Comparison)

Easyship vs Shippo

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In this online e-commerce world, shipping plays an important role. Many times, customers abandon their carts after prices go up at the checkout. So, people want a delivery option that provides fair prices and discounts. If not, your e-commerce business will suffer greatly. Moreover, whether you like it or not, success will depend on a particular quality of business tools, applications, supply chain and inventory connections, shipping features, and other elements.

So, you need to understand the comparison till the end. In this blog you will learn:

  • What is Easyship?
  • What is Shippo?
  • Easyship vs Shippo: A Quick Review
  • Easyship vs Shippo: A Detailed Review

Let’s dive in!

What is Easyship?

Easyship is an international shipping platform that lets you ship products quickly and easily by selecting services from a network of over 100 carriers. Easyship simplifies the process by offering options such as label printing, shipping consolidation, and label-less tracking. It also contains a “My Shipments” area that keeps track of all your shipments as they arrive and go, as well as some quite handy export choices.


  • Global reach
  • Transparent pricing
  • Multi-carrier platform
  • Automated workflow
  • Duty and tax calculator
  • Real-time tracking


  • Learning curve for beginners
  • Additional fees
  • Limited customer support
  • User interface complexity
  • Integration challenges

What is Shippo?

Shippo is a shipping API that enables e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and online businesses to provide worldwide shipping services with ease. It features a wide selection of carriers and offers border-crossing compliance to make international shipment easier. Shippo also offers real-time pricing and shipping tracking.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple carrier options
  • Transparent pricing
  • Batch label printing
  • Robust API for seamless integration
  • Address validation and correction


  • Some users report integration challenges
  • Limited customization options
  • Advanced features may have a learning curve
  • Customer support response time can vary
  • Platform updates and changes may impact workflows

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Easyship vs Shippo: A Quick Review

Extensive network for global shippingMultiple carriers for international and domestic
Transparent pricing with duty and tax calculationClear pricing structure with transparent fees
Integration with multiple carriersSupport for various carriers and shipping services
Streamlined shipping process with automationBatch label printing for efficiency
Comprehensive interface with a learning curveUser-friendly interface with less complexity
Some reports of delayed support responsesVaried responses on customer support effectiveness
API support for seamless integrationRobust API for easy integration with other systems
May have a learning curve for beginnersAdvanced features may have a learning curve
Duty and tax calculator for accurate cost estimatesAddress validation and correction features
This table provides a concise overview of the differences between Easyship and Shippo. Keep in mind that individual business needs and preferences should guide the choice between these two platforms.

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Easyship vs Shippo: A Detailed Review

Easyship vs Shippo: Shipping

  • The Easyship calculator calculates the cost of shipping your packages (shipping cost). It’s a very helpful function; however, it’s not available in all countries. Easyship’s calculator also displays which carriers (and their rates) are accessible to you based on your shipping conditions (where you intend to ship from and to). As an additional benefit, VAT is visible in the calculator.
  • All of this matters when comparing Easyship’s rate calculator to Shippo’s. Shippo’s calculator was developed for USPS. Easyship offers a benefit. You can receive shipping prices from points of origin all around the world. To put it simply, Shippo does not provide an international shipping calculator.
  • In Shippo’s defense, USPS has low shipping prices. Shippo also provides a discount to customers that ship by USPS. As a result, Shippo is a helpful, low-cost choice for those in the United States. However, because of the wide range of sources and destinations, most consumers will prefer Easyship’s calculator when determining prices.

Easyship vs Shippo: Global Functions

Shipping your products internally can be challenging. This involves customs, procedures, and variable shipping costs. Fortunately, shipping software is created to ease this process. So, let us understand the shipping functions of Easyship and Shippo.

  • Easyship supports your shipping overseas by connecting you with leading international couriers. The same may be stated for Shippo. Both platforms have access to famous operators (such as DHL and UPS) and can be combined with 50+ carriers (many carriers at the same time).
  • Both shipping platforms provide lower carrier rates and figure out the best pricing per shipment quickly. Shippo offers discounts of up to 90%, while Easyship offers discounts of up to 70%. Discounts are subject to the carrier’s discretion.
  • Shipping software manages customs fees and duties. Easyship outperforms Shippo here. When it comes to taxes and customs, Easyship includes the fees to your cargo at the time of checkout. Custom fees (duties and taxes) are not included in the Shippo rate and will be added on after the package has been sent by the customs agencies of the sending and receiving countries.
  • Lastly, Shippo shows an error if you provide an invalid shipping address. When there is no error in an address, Shippo will fill in the shipping address automatically. Easyship supports this automation as well.

Easyship vs Shippo: Tracking

  • Easyship simplifies tracking. All shipments are allocated tracking numbers and have a tracking status displayed. The same functionalities may be found in Shippo’s tracking system. For tracking information, both platforms depend on partnerships with third-party carriers. According to the carrier, this information may or may not be accurate.
  • Based on the pricing plan you choose, Shippo allows you to send email tracking notifications. You can also send automatic notifications to consumers advising them of the location of their item, using Easyship and Shippo. Some carriers even offer real-time information, but both shippers claim to do it to a greater degree.
  • In general, shipment tracking is a crucial function. People want to know where their products are to make sure that they are not being misled. This includes buyers, sellers, and everyone in between.

Easyship vs Shippo: Pricing

Pricing is a crucial consideration when picking a shipping option for your company. It will impact several aspects of your company, including service channels, monthly shipments, the capacity to connect different courier accounts, and how well your company can grow.

  • Your shipping volume will determine the base price for your Easyship plan. It has four pricing plans.
  • Shippo has a PAYG plan, which makes its price slightly unusual. Shippo’s “Professional” plan provides a far wider range of pricing options to accommodate your monthly shipment volume. In other words, compared to Easyship, you are less likely to overspend with Shippo.

Easyship vs Shippo: Apps and Integrations

Sales Channels

A multichannel e-commerce platform must be able to easily connect and interact with apps via numerous sales channels. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Easyship and Shippo provide native connections with BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify shipping carts.

Using both platforms, you can connect your sales channels easily. While Shippo does a superior job of linking your main sales channel, Easyship makes adding extra channels easier.


Having shipping and accounting software is a fantastic idea when starting an online store. Thus, being able to combine the two makes sense. Fortunately, Shippo simplifies this procedure. The shipping company offers ParagonERP, one of its partners, direct native integration. Similar to this, Easyship offers a link of this kind via its collaboration with Bridge Connections and the Cornerstone Management organization.

Order Management Systems

You can utilize an Order Management System (OMS) if you sell on a variety of marketplaces. Shippo may be integrated with OMS applications, like TradeGecko. It is a fantastic option for those who have large purchase quantities across a variety of sales channels. At the same time, Easyship may be connected with InfiPlex, a 3PL OMS. The Easyship Warehouse Partner Program offers this link.

Access to Carriers

Shipping software with a reliable link to its carriers is essential. It suggests that, among many other things, you will get access to facilities like storage, pickups, refunds, additional services, lower shipping costs, and much more. All of these items, which you might not have otherwise, can simplify your life.

You should be happy to learn that Easyship and Shippo are both multi-carrier shipping platforms. While Easyship offers connectors to an equal number of carriers, Shippo offers integration with over 50.


The “DOCs” section of Shippo’s website contains an API guide that explains how to use its many APIs, including the tracking and order APIs. You can easily access your API keys and start integrating Ruby (or Phyton, PHP, etc.). It takes 4-6 hours to integrate Shippo’s basic API with your main sales channels.

Easyship has an API that can be integrated as well. Both Easyship and Shippo offer user-friendly API documentation. Additionally, Easyship works with a few of its competitors’ programming languages. For instance, Ruby and Python.

Easyship vs Shippo: Conclusion

This blog should have cleared up some things for you if you’re having trouble deciding between shipping software options. Ultimately, Easyship and Shippo are both excellent options that will reduce the time and cost of your shipping. Which business offers better overall value and what characteristics are more important to you are ultimately what matters. We hope that this post helped you make a decision!

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How does Easyship work?

Easyship offers both front-end and back-end functionality. The shipping company automates monotonous procedures and provides more than 100 shipping solutions at low courier prices. To put it simply, Easyship helps you expand your business while enabling you to create and attach shipping labels to packages.

Are Shippo and Easyship free?

Indeed, free versions of Easyship and Shippo are available. These solutions have very limited features and functionality. Limited order value, user accounts, support, and other issues will arrive.

Is Shippo cheaper than USPS?

USPS is a US-based courier service, and Shippo is a shipping platform. They are therefore two distinct entities. However, Shippo offers up to a 40% reduction in USPS delivery costs.

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