Website Builder vs Web Developer – Which Is Best for You?

Website Building vs Web Developer: Which is Better for You?

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Website Builder vs Web Developer – Which is Best for You? Uncover the right path for your website. Choose wisely and start building your online success!


Businesses have tough competition in the market. They have to adapt to the latest technologies and optimize their functioning in order to remain ahead of the curve. Amidst all this, building a website for your business is a crucial decision. After you have decided that you need a website, the next step is to find out how to make one. Do you need a website builder or a developer to simplify this process?

As of 2023, the number of websites worldwide has surpassed 1.1 billion. As a matter of fact, a well-designed website is important for the success of any business. It is the face of your company in the online world. When it comes to a website, you have two options: you can either use a website builder or hire an expert web developer.

In this blog, you will learn:

  • What is a Website Builder? (Advantages & Disadvantages)
  • What is a Web Developer? (Advantages & Disadvantages)
  • Website Builder vs Web Developer: A Quick Review
  • Website Builder vs Web Developer: A Detailed Comparison

What is a Website Builder?

A website builder is a software tool that helps people create websites without exclusively depending on coding. It is a web-based tool that lets you develop and publish a website online with different features. The majority of website builders let you design and develop a website without the need for code. There are some website builders that let you add more features or make changes to your website using code (if you know how to do it).

There are offline and online versions of website builders. Online solutions are more popular than offline builders. Online solutions require a strong internet connection, which helps you launch the site right away. Shopify, Sqaurespace, Wix, GoDaddy, and Weebly are examples of website builders. Usually, free website builders come with visual web page editors, hosting, branding domain names, themes, and templates.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • User-friendly
  • Speed of development
  • Cost-effective
  • Maintenance simpified
  • No coding skills required
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Automatic updates
  • Built-in hosting


  • Limited customization options
  • Templates result in similar-looking websites
  • Monthly subscription costs
  • Limited control over backend and functionality
  • Potential for less unique and branded website designs
  • Data portability challenges
  • Possible restrictions on scalability and performance

Features resources:

What is a Web Developer?

A web developer is equipped with the know-how, expertise, and abilities needed to create a sophisticated website. It is necessary for a web developer to learn computer languages and web development. You can either get a formal education or complete a certification course. There are over 459,382 web developers currently employed in the United States.

Web developers build websites either on their own as independent contractors or freelancers or in teams within organizations. These experts might concentrate on back-end, front-end development, and full-stack. It depends on their roles and responsibilities. The back-end development involves creating code to make sure its proper functioning. Front-end development includes designing websites and coding, which generally what visitors see when they visit a website. A full-stack developer is an expert in creating a website and server-side components.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Highly customizable
  • Unique and branded solutions
  • Full control over functionality
  • Tailored solutions for complex projects
  • Adaptability to emerging technologies
  • Flexibility in choosing technology stack


  • Time-consuming development process
  • Higher upfront costs
  • Technical expertise required
  • Potential communication challenges
  • Required regular training
  • May lack project management responsibilities

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Website Builder vs Web Developer: A Quick Review

AspectWebsite BuilderWeb Developer
Minimal to no coding skills required.Advanced coding skills and technical expertise needed.
Limited to templates and preset features.Highly customizable, tailored to specific requirements.
Rapid development, ideal for quick setups.Development time can vary, depending on project scope.
CostGenerally, more cost-effective, lower upfront
Higher upfront costs, potential for long-term savings.
Control over
Limited control, designs based on templates.Full control over every aspect of design and functionality.
MaintenancePlatform handles updates and maintenance.Responsibility for ongoing maintenance and updates.
ScalabilityMay have limitations on scalability for complex
Highly scalable, adaptable to complex and large projects.
Minimal learning curve, user-friendly interfaces.Steeper learning curve, requires technical proficiency.
Flexibility in
Technology Stack
Limited flexibility, bound by the platform’s technology.Complete flexibility, can choose and adapt technologies.
SupportGenerally offers customer support for platform-related
Developer support may vary, often requires expertise.
Ownership of
Code and content are often tied to the platform. Complete ownership of code and project assets.
SuitabilityIdeal for small to medium-sized projects with basic needs.Suited for complex, large-scale, and highly customized projects.
When you consider to have a website for your business, you can always compare to understand your business needs.

Website Builder vs Web Developer: A Detailed Comparison

Let’s compare website builders and developers in a few web development related aspects now that we know the merits and demerits of each:

Website Builder vs Web Developer: Cost

Website Builder
Website builders have a fixed subscription price to access features and resources. You can get a better deal if you opt to pay annually. By upgrading your plan, you can access additional and better tools, as well as an increased resource limit. Squarespace has a $16-$49/month plan. Shopify costs $19-$299/month.
Web Developer
The pay scale for web developers is determined by a number of factors, including experience, abilities, and place of residence. For example, in the US, the average salary for a web developer is $46 per hour. Pay ranges are often higher in countries with rapidly expanding IT industries. The price of domain names and hosting is not covered by a web developer.

Website Builder vs Web Developer: Features and Ability to Scale

Website Builder
There are pre-built features in the website builders to support various types of websites. But often, they save the best features for the companies that opt for expensive subscriptions. Additionally, a lot of website builders include subscription-based add-ons for third-party connections. The platform’s partnership with accessible tools influences how easily you can grow your website.
Web Developer
Web developers create websites entirely by themselves. You can use their experience to create a unique website that has all the necessary features and linked tools. When you hire a web developer, you can create the website of your dreams and grow it without any limitations. Hiring a web developer is preferable to building a website because they understand the know-how of different platforms. They also help create sophisticated websites for your business.

Website Builder vs Web Developer: Usability

Website Builder
The primary selling point of majority of website builders is their ease of usability. They have a drag-and-drop editor. This makes it easy for less skilled people to create the website. Even someone with no prior experience with web development must learn how to use all of the technical language and tools on the platform.
The online tutorials and knowledge base can aid in overcoming the challenge. However, it still requires a lot of time and practice to use a website builder. Therefore, it is easy to use for those who have basic web programming skills.
Web Developer
Web developers are individuals you can share about your business goals and preferences. They transform your needs into a web development strategy. They also clearly communicate with you during the web development process.

Website Builder vs Web Developing: Regular Maintenance

Website Builder
Website builders can automate software upgrades and maintenance. This helps non-techies maintain their websites without worrying about accidentally running them through an incorrect setting. It also guarantees that the most recent security updates are always applied to your website.
Web Developer
Websites that are manually created need regular human upkeep and updating. For regular care and maintenance, you must employ a web developer. Poor execution of the process can result in severe mistakes and increased website maintenance expenses.

Website Builder vs Web Developer: Themes, Layout & Customization

Website Builder
Pre-built themes for various website niches are often available from website builders. The platform’s page builder allows users to customize the templates, which come in both free and paid versions. These templates enable users to quickly and easily create amazing websites, even without any design or coding experience. Third-party developers’ templates are also available with certain website builders, such as Shopify and BigCommerce.
Web Developer
Web designers start from the beginning to create your desired website. They make sure that your website has a distinctive appearance and a consistent brand identity. The only drawback is that you will have to pay extra, as web designers and web developers need to work together to create a functioning website.

Website Builder vs Web Developer: Conclusion

Both options have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to building your website. To select the ideal option, take into account your priorities, requirements, preferences, and financial situation. Small and medium-sized websites may be created swiftly with website builders. They simplify the online creation process by eliminating the stress of manual coding, site design, and maintenance. The set rates help simplify budget planning for website launches and growth.

It is recommended that you engage website developers if you want a specially built site with certain functions. While this approach might not be the most economical, it does allow you to take advantage of experts to create a unique website that meets your needs. It also helps optimize for maximum performance.

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Is it better to build your own website or use a website builder?

Your best option is DIY website if you have the necessary tech and design abilities. Although pre-designed templates are included with all site builders, your brand shouldn’t appear the same as everyone else’s. if you are not worried about having a distinctive look, you should personalize your template.

Which is better web designer or web developer?

An obvious choice for someone who enjoys the practical, technical aspects of projects is web development. A web designer might be a more sensible career choice, though, if you are more interested in branding, color theory, and the artistic aspect of creating websites.

Do I need a developer to build a website?

You may not require a web developer if you are computer literate, feel comfortable with WordPress, or both. However, it’s definitely better to leave it to the pros if you know you won’t be able to master the code involved in building your own website.

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