Wix vs WordPress – Which One is Better? (Pros and Cons)

Wix vs WordPress Which One is Better (Pros and Cons)

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Wix vs WordPress? Understand the pros and cons of your website’s success. Read our blog to make the right choice and elevate your online presence.


Every business needs a website. If you want to stand out in the competition, you need to build an online presence. It is an important decision to choose the right platform to build your website. You have to understand the pros and cons of each so that you can make a cost-effective and efficient decision. And in this website-building world, Wix and WordPress are strong contenders. In this blog, you will get to know the following:

  • What is Wix? (Pros and Cons)
  • What is WordPress (Pros and Cons)
  • Wix vs WordPress: A Quick Comparison
  • Wix vs WordPress: Which One is Better?

So, let’s dive in and begin this insightful journey!

What is Wix? (Pros and Cons)

Wix vs WordPress comparison

Wix is a one-stop, beginner-friendly platform that makes it simple to create a website that looks professional. With the help of Wix’s more than 800 design templates, you can personalize a website to suit your small business and blogging requirements. You can link over 300 third-party applications to add sophisticated features to your website, like event booking or online scheduling.

Wix is a cloud-based platform for building websites that offers design and web hosting services. Wix helps you create the website more quickly and with more flexibility. It is a user-friendly, customizable, and reasonably priced e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses. It is an ideal e-commerce platform for you, but it will mostly depend on your unique business requirements.


  • Wix has an extensive collection of applications and templates.
  • Reporting & analytics are easy to measure.
  • It has a drag & drop editor


  • It is simple to use.
  • It has a wide range of templates and apps.
  • It is suitable for mobile devices.


  • The free edition has noticeable advertisements.
  • The premium plans are somewhat expensive.
  • The sole method to switch templates is to create a new website and transfer your premium plan to it.


Wix offers a limited free plan. It also offers a premium plan with $16 a month when paid annually.

What is WordPress? (Pros and Cons)

Wix vs WordPress best cms

WordPress, an open-source content management system (CMS), is an effective tool to create websites and blogs. There is no payment for the software. It is free for anybody to install, use, and change. WordPress is the most widely used website builder globally. It makes it simple to build blogs, e-commerce sites, webpages, and more.

Firstly, it is important to note that WordPress.com is not the same as WordPress.org. WordPress.org is a CMS that you can install on your website. WordPress.com is a free website-building service that offers complete hosting. Similar to CMS Hub, WordPress.com makes website setup extremely simple. WordPress will ask you about your goals as it walks you through the setup process and will invite you to select a free theme for your website right away.


  • It has a wide range of themes.
  • It is both mobile-friendly and SEO optimized.
  • It can handle security and hosting for websites.


  • It is available on PC and mobile.
  • It is flexible.
  • It is customizable.


  • There are advertisements in the free edition.
  • There are more restrictions in contrast to WordPress.org
  • It is more challenging to master drag-and-drop builders even though is its simple.


It offers a limited free plan. The monthly cost of premium plans, when invoiced annually, is $4.

Wix vs WordPress: A Quick Comparison

Now when we have understand Wix and WordPress separately. Let us understand the difference between the two most prominent website building software.

Ease of UseUser-friendly, drag-and-drop interface.Steeper learning curve, especially for
FlexibilityLimited customization compared to
Unmatched flexibility with extensive options.
ScalabilityMay face limitations as site grows. Scales seamlessly from small blogs to large
HostingIntegrated hosting solutions.Requires external hosting and domain
Numerous templates catering to industries.Vast range of themes and extensive
Limited compared to WordPress.Vast repository of plugins for added
Updates and
Managed by Wix. Users need to manage updates and security.
CostVarious plans with different features.Open-source (free) but external hosting
costs apply.
Consider these factors based on your specific needs and preferences to make an informed decision between Wix and WordPress for your website.

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Wix vs WordPress: Which One is Better?

Which one is better? Wix or WordPress? Here are some important aspects to consider while choosing between Wix and WordPress:

Pricing – Wix vs WordPress

The cost of creating a website is an essential consideration when selecting a site-building platform. Your requirements will determine how much it will cost to design and maintain your overall website.


  • Wix provides a free basic website builder. It does have two significant drawbacks.
  • First, it adds top and bottom Wix-branded ads to your website. Second, your website URL will be username.wix.com/sitename, as you are unable to use a custom domain name for it.
  • The basic subscription lacks access to essential add-ons like Favicons, e-commerce and Google Analytics, and other things.
  • Wix premium plans vary in terms of storage and bandwidth allotments.
  • The Wix core plan, which costs $27 per month, is the best value option available.
  • You can select the business plan ($32 per month), which includes conventional eCommerce functionality, if you want both eCommerce and business services.


  • Anyone can use WordPress for free, and it is available as open-source software.
  • The primary drawback is that installing it requires having your own web hosting account and domain name.
  • You can begin with a basic plan with a WordPress hosting company like Bluehost, which will cost you $2.75 per month.
  • You can also offer a free custom domain name, depending on your budget.
  • You can also utilize a managed WordPress hosting company like WP Engine, which costs $20 a month, if your budget allows.
  • WordPress offers complete eCommerce capabilities. In order to establish an online store on your website, you can install the WooCommerce plugin.

WordPress surpasses Wix. This is because of its flexible plans, which are offered by several site hosting providers. You can use your WordPress website however you choose. How many resources you utilize determines the price.

Designing: Wix vs WordPress

The style and structure of your website greatly influence your online success. Every website owner wants their company to stand out and have a visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive web design.


  • There are more than 900 pre-made templates. Every Wix design is composed in HTML5 and is completely responsive.
  • You can further modify your site’s appearance, reorganize its elements, and alter its layout with the built-in tools.
  • Designs are accessible for all types of websites. There are several areas where templates can be found, including business, eCommerce, hobbies, arts and crafts, and personal.
  • The fact that you cannot change a template once you have selected it is a major drawback. You can use the built-in tools to make changes and customizations as you like.


  • With WordPress, thousands of premium and free themes are available.
  • Free themes are subject to a strict evaluation procedure in addition to having constrained support. Generally speaking, premium themes have more functionality and better support options.
  • WordPress themes cover everything from basic personal webpages to fully functional e-commerce websites. The majority of themes include their own built-in customization features.
  • For additional styling or customization options, you can utilize one of the many styling plugins available for WordPress themes.

Compared to Wix, WordPress offers a wider selection of themes and design patterns. Additionally, WordPress users have unrestricted access to simply switch themes or personalize them according to their needs.

Blogging: Wix vs WordPress

A lot of businesses are searching for a platform that makes blogging easy. You can create blogs using WordPress or Wix. Let’s see who performs it effectively:


  • It is easy to create a blog section to your website with Wix. It offers every fundamental blogging function for your website. For instance, archives, pictures and videos, categories and tags, etc.
  • Wix blogs are slower and not easily manageable. Several users instill third-party commenting platforms like Facebook and Disqus, which both require account creation.
  • It also isn’t equipped with capabilities like private post creation and post backdating.
  • The blog post authoring experience is different from the Wix website builder. It uses a plain text editor instead, which has a very small number of formatting possibilities.


  • WordPress began as a platform for blogging and developed into a feature-rich website builder. It now powers more than 43% of all wesbites.
  • It contains every blogging function you could possibly want, including advanced features that are not found in Wix, such as a built-in comment system.
  • The most important thing is that plugins allow you to expand your blog and add any feature you can imagine.

WordPress beats Wix as a blogging platform. Wix blogs are extremely simplistic and lacking in certain crucial features. If you are considering launching a blog, WordPress is a better choice for your business.

E-commerce: Wix vs WordPress

The ability to sell products online is another crucial component that most amateurs search for. Let’s compare Wix and WordPress in e-commerce.


  • E-commerce is available with Wix’s premium plans. This implies that users must upgrade to a premium plan in order to utilize Wix for their e-commerce store if they have the free plan.
  • Wix allows you to link several payment channels, such as PayPal, Authorize.net, and others, utilizing third-party apps or through their own built-in payments system.
  • Wix payments charges 2.9% of the transaction value plus 0.30 USD for the US area if you decide to utilize them. The amount of processing charges increases significantly as you sell more things.
  • You can utilize third-party applications to advertise your company and conduct online sales. Additionally, the e-commerce platform’s overall functionality is limited.


  • WooCommerce comes with integrated support for a number of widely used payment methods, including direct bank transfers, PayPal, Klarna, and Stripe.
  • Additionally, there are no extra costs. The only thing left to pay is your payment processor costs, which apply to all platforms.
  • You can utilize a variety of possible eCommerce plugins for WordPress to sell items, services, events, subscriptions, digital or actual products, and more.
  • WordPress is the ideal platform for selling digital memberships. It lets you promote membership plans for your online community as well as pay-per-view content and online courses.

WordPress outshines Wix. WordPress + WooCommerce give far more flexibility, freedom, and options if you want to create a legitimate online business and have plans for expansion.

Wix vs WordPress: Final Thoughts

When it comes to digital publishing platforms, WordPress outperforms Wix for various reasons. Although Wix provides a simple website builder, WordPress ultimately allows you to achieve much more. WordPress is most likely the best option for the majority of users. Here are a few reasons:

  • It is easy for most beginners. The WordPress community is constantly working to improve it to make it more user-friendly.
  • WordPress has a big plugin ecosystem. It gives you far more options when it comes to adding features to your website.
  • You have total ownership and control over your data at all times.

So, if you need any help with building your website, you can always speak with our web developers. Our web developers will build and maintain a high-performing, user-friendly website to support your online presence and business goals. Our web experts will create an online store that is optimized for sales. They will design appealing landing pages that acquire qualified leads, boost conversions, and help you achieve your marketing goals.


Is it better to use Wix or WordPress?

If you want more customization choices, WordPress.org is a superior choice; on the other hand, Wix is better choice for those who don’t know how to code.

Which platform offers more storage and bandwidth?

The majority of WordPress hosting providers provide limitless bandwidth and storage. In contrast to Wix, where storage space is limited according to the plan you select.

Is Wix or WordPress easier to use?

Wix is an incredibly simple drag-and-drop website builder. WordPress requires a greater level of technical understanding due to its increased complexity. Wix is the best option if you prioritize simplicity of use over all other considerations.

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