Standard Vs Expedited Shipping in E-commerce

Standard vs Expedited Shipping in E-commerce

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Decoding Standard Vs Expedited Shipping in E-commerce. Fast, faster, or fastest? Make the right choice for swift deliveries. Explore this guide to learn more!


As an e-commerce business, you work very hard to make sure that your customers enjoy shopping at your store. Your main goal is customer satisfaction. You approve various photographs, make adjustments to your store’s navigation, compose emails, and make sure your customers have a seamless experience.

Shipping plays an important role here. It is the moment when a buyer finally receives your products for the first time. Based on your delivery plan, it is also a significant investment for your company.

Standard and expedited shipping are two primary options when it comes to delivery at an online store. Both are essential for managing an e-commerce company, depending on the kind of shipping, delivery time, and other standards. In this blog, get ready to explore:

  • What is Standard Shipping? (Advantages & Disadvantages)
  • What is Expedited Shipping? (Advantages & Disadvantages)
  • Standard Vs Expedited Shipping

Let’s begin!

What is Standard Shipping?

The most popular and reasonably priced shipping option for online retail stores is standard shipping. For domestic delivery, it usually takes 3-7 business days. For international delivery, it takes 7-30 business days. It is a slower but more affordable option for consumers and businesses. Standard shipping is generally available and offered by several carriers, including UPS, FedEx, and USPS. 90% of consumers expect two- or three-day shipping to be standard.

Standard shipping is the most common form of shipping method. It is less expensive. It is perfect for deliveries that are not time-sensitive. It balances between cost and delivery speed to accommodate a wider variety of customer preferences.

Advantages of Standard Shipping

Here are the advantages of Standard shipping:

Cost-Effective for Businesses and Consumers

Standard delivery is economical for companies and customers alike. Businesses may reduce their delivery expenses and provide customers with a more cost-effective shopping experience by providing reduced shipping rates.

Standard shipping further enables companies to benefit from bulk shipping discounts and expedited procedures, which lower costs through optimized shipping procedures, shortened handling times, and fewer mistakes. To put it simply, normal shipping offers a cost-effective and timely option that is appealing to a wide variety of consumers.

Dependable Transportation and Broad Accessibility

Standard shipping provides reliable delivery dates and lead times. A reliable transport network is also present, making it easy to access. In most cases, this is a practical choice for the majority of shipments. This allows companies to take care of customers from all walks of life at no additional cost.


Standard shipping is environment-friendly. It allows for the bundling of packages heading in the same direction. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation. By improving routes and maximizing the capacity of delivery vehicles, it lowers fuel consumption and emissions per package.

Disadvantages of Standard Shipping

Here are the disadvantages of Standard Shiping:

Possibility of Risks and more Touchpoints

There are several touchpoints with standard delivery. This raises the possibility of package damage. It is because standard shipping takes longer than expedited delivery most of the time. This increases the possibility that shipments can be mistreated or damaged en route.

Irregular Delivery Window and Customer Satisfaction Challenge

Irregular delivery windows can be a cause of concern for customers, and they can be dissatisfying. They can even post a negative review. Package delivery delays can be caused by many reasons, such as customs delays, delivery exceptions, increased delivery volume, lack of visibility, and processing time.

May Not Meet Urgent Needs

Customers with urgent needs may find standard shipping unsuitable. It does not align with their need for faster delivery which is why customers opt for other forms of shipping to receive their products as soon as possible.

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What is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping offers a faster day-by-day arrival schedule. It includes 2 days and overnight shipping. It has increased certainty. Expedited shipping is a desirable option for customers who need delivery right away. This is also suitable for companies trying to build their reputation.

41% of consumers are interested in paying for same-day delivery while 24% of customers are interested in paying for things to be delivered within two or three days. If customers are willing to pay more money for expedited shipping, it is a more dependable and faster shipping option. It emphasizes efficiency and speed. It has various advantages, such as direct routes, improved tracking, and increased customer satisfaction.

Customers can choose the shipping option that best meets their needs. It is important to be aware of the differences between expedited and standard shipping. If it is an urgent requirement and time is sensitive, expedited shipping will be helpful. Additionally, expedited shipping suits customer expectations and keeps companies competitive in the e-commerce industry.

Advantages of Expedited Shipping

Direct Routes

Expedited shipping uses direct routes. This reduces the number of handling stops and delays and enables faster delivery. It is designed for quicker deliveries. As soon as the order is placed for expedited shipping, the order receives immediate attention and is marked for speedy processing.

Improved Tracking

An improved tracking feature improves customer satisfaction. It gives them more insight into the status of their shipments. Businesses can meet the changing needs of their clients and improve their brand image by providing faster delivery choices.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

With direct routes and improved tracking reports, it increases customer satisfaction. A customer wants their products as fast as possible. Expedited shipping makes it possible by also sharing timely tracking information. It increases your loyal customer base and develops trust. It also improves the overall shopping experience for your customers.

Disadvantages of Expedited Shipping

Here are the disadvantages of Expedited shipping:


Expedited shipping is expensive. Since it offers faster deliveries and direct routes, it becomes costly for businesses and customers. The costs increase because carriers have to go above and beyond to guarantee quick delivery.

The balance between High Cost and Perceived Value

Companies need to carefully consider how much customers believe they are getting for the high price of an expedited shipment. This is a difficult challenge. If the extra expense is not justified by the perceived value, customers might not always be prepared to pay more for faster delivery.

Risk and Errors Involved

With expedited shipping, there is a sense of urgency. This urgency might lead to errors in handling, safety, processing, and delivery. When a shipment is rushed, it might make mistakes, which could affect the overall customer experience.

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Standard Vs Expedited Shipping

Here is an overview of Standard vs. expedited Shipping:

AspectStandard ShippingExpedited Shipping
Longer delivery times, suitable for non-urgent items. Faster delivery times, ideal for urgent needs.
CostEnhanced tracking, and real-time updates for customers.Higher cost, premium for quicker service.
TrackingBasic tracking features, less detailed information. Less flexible delivery options follows standard schedules.
Lower priority in handling and processing.Given priority, minimizing delays in fulfillment.
AvailabilityWidely available, standard option for most retailers.Availability may vary, not offered by all sellers.
FlexibilityMore flexible, and often includes options like weekend
Suitable for non-urgent items, and cost-conscious customers.
SuitabilityIdeal for urgent needs, and time-sensitive shipments. Efficient for long-distance and cross-border shipments.
More environment-friendly, often involves consolidated
Higher environmental impact due to expedited
Better suited for regional or local deliveries. Fewer service guarantees, and less emphasis on delivery speed.
Order Volume
Ideal for bulk orders due to lower shipping costs.Higher shipping costs may impact affordability for bulk orders.
Fewer service guarantees, less emphasis on delivery speed.Often comes with service guarantees and delivery time commitments.
Customer ExpectationsMeets the expectations of customers who prioritize cost over speed.Satisfies customers with urgent needs and those valuing faster delivery.
Slower returns processing due to longer transit
Faster returns processing, providing quicker resolution for customers.
This table covers a broader range of aspects to help customers make more informed decisions on their specific preferences and requirements.

Standard Vs Expedited Shipping: Make the Right Choice

Standard Shipping Vs Expedited Shipping-1
Standard Shipping Vs Expedited Shipping

By taking into consideration a few important factors, you will be able to make the right decision. Let’s explore:

Standard Vs Expedited Shipping: Delivery Time

Standard shipping is known for longer delivery times. It is a go-to option for customers who can afford to wait for their products. If you are buying non-urgent products, you should opt for standard shipping.

Expedited shipping is for urgent products. It promises faster delivery times. It is an optimal choice for customers who can’t wait for their products.

Standard Vs Expedited Shipping: Cost

Standard shipping is known for its cost-effectiveness. It is a budget-friendly option for customers and businesses. People can ignore speed and save costs by opting for standard shipping.

Expedited shipping is expensive. It promises speed as well. Those who want to spend money on faster deliveries can opt for expedited shipping.

Standard Vs Expedited Shipping: Priority

Standard shipping takes 3-7 business days to deliver the product. This might face delays during peak periods or unforeseen circumstances.

Expedited shipping prioritizes the process. They handle the product on priority and ensure smooth and fast delivery, minimizing the risk of delays.

Standard Vs Expedited Shipping: Tracking

Standard shipping might lack real-time updates. It only provides basic features for tracking the package status.

Expedited shipping includes advanced tracking features. It also increases customer satisfaction. It provides detailed data on the shipment’s journey from dispatch to delivery.

Key Takeaways

To satisfy customer needs and demands, e-commerce companies need to take into account a range of delivery choices, such as standard and regular services. The cost-effectiveness of shipping procedures can be increased by using technology and logistics partners. Delivery methods need to be continuously improved by tracking industry trends and customer feedback. This also helps to remain competitive in the e-commerce market.

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What is the difference between standard and expedited shipping?

The delivery time is the main difference between standard and expedited shipping. Expedited shipping includes 2 days and overnight shipping. Standard shipping takes 3-7 business days.

Which is better standard or express shipping?

After an order is dispatched, standard shipping is slower. It takes 3-7 business days to arrive. On the other hand, express delivery is the most costly and speedier choice.

Is expedited shipping worth it?

In certain circumstances, such as when an item needs to arrive by a specified time, expedited shipping can be worthwhile. Nonetheless, it’s probably not worth the additional expense for regular customers who are not in a hurry.

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