How we Vet Out Talent

Every month, we are fortunate to receive countless applications from talented marketers eager to join Markeeters. However, we are incredibly selective and handpick less than 2% of the applicants to be part of our network. We take immense pride in curating a team of top-notch professionals who share our vision and values, ensuring that we offer nothing but the very best for our clients.


The Markeeters Screening Process

We only hire the best thanks to our stringent screening procedure for freelancers.

Recruiting Freelance Marketers
Step One

Recruiting Freelance Marketers

We invite interest from top freelancers, entrepreneurs and full time remote marketing experts through Linkedin, Social Media Communities, Referrals and Marketing Forums. We also partner with some of the best Marketing and Growth schools in the country for talent sourcing. We make sure we invite work samples for anyone who is interested in joining our community of marketers.

Work Sample Review
Step Two

Work Sample Review

Once we receive applications in our Application tracking system, we use AI technology to identify the top applicants. Our AI models make decisions based on writing for the internet, domain, relevant experience to decide the strength of every talent. Our Experts review work samples and conduct deep dive interviews with the shortlisted talents.

Deep Dive Interviews & Skill Assessment Tests
Step Three

Deep Dive Interviews & Skill Assessment Tests

A strength report is generated for each of the shortlisted talents. At this stage, we share contextual assignments and skill assessment tests with the successful talents. We truly believe that human assessments and interviewing combined with scientific competency assessments reduces subjectivity from interviewing to a great extent.

Contextual Projects & Assignments​
Step Four

Contextual Projects & Assignments

For some roles we also share Contextual projects so we really understand the fundamental approach of the talents to solving real world marketing problems.

Background and Reference Checks
Step Five

Background and Reference Checks

The authenticity of our interaction with candidates is confirmed through soliciting feedback from prior clients and/or employers. We receive evaluations on diverse qualitative aspects, including dependability, timeliness, communication skills, and responsiveness.

Great Work Delivered
Step Six

Great Work Delivered!

Markeeters rock the perfect track record while partnering with clients. We go the extra mile with bi-weekly check-ins, ensuring that our service is always on point. We don’t mess around with sub-par work or slacking on communication—no excuses accepted.

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