ShipRocket Vs Pickrr: A Detailed Comparison for 2024

ShipRocket Vs Pickrr: Which is The Better Shipping Company?

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Explore our detailed ShipRocket Vs Pickrr comparison. Find the perfect fit for your business and optimize your e-commerce journey!

E-commerce is expanding and competitive. Efficient and affordable shipping is important for success. But with so many options available, choosing the right shipping partner can be a difficult task. ShipRocket and Pickrr are the two biggest players in the Indian market. Both offer various features and services, making it difficult to determine which one is best for your business.

So, dear budding e-commerce entrepreneurs, buckle up for a detailed comparison!

What is ShipRocket?

ShipRocket is a major shipping company that gives online retailers access to numerous carriers and facilitates carrier collaboration. ShipRocket was established in 2011 and currently operates in 220 countries, serving over 29000 pin codes in India, its country of origin.

It provides a broad variety of logistical services, from first- to last-kilometer delivery. In addition to this, it provides rapid delivery services and returns management, which is similar to the majority of courier companies. ShipRocket has been helpful in the shipment tracking of numerous e-commerce businesses, including BodyCare, Gillette, and Relaxo, of all different sizes.


  • ShipRocket has partnered with more than 17 courier providers, so you can work with several shipping partners at once.
  • ShipRocket gives users a shipping rate calculator that calculates the shipping costs for an order based on the size of the order, the delivery destination, and the origin and destination.
  • ShipRocket offers a unified interface for tracking and managing orders from several partnered carriers.
  • ShipRocket facilitates buying order insurance and the creation of shipping labels.


  • Multiple carrier access is made possible by ShipRocket, even at lower order volumes.
  • Dashboards for NDR and RTO to improve order management.
  • Improves your experience after making a purchase with the aid of easy order tracking and efficient order tracking updates communication.
  • Integration of order creation and fulfillment with merchant and e-commerce platforms.


  • Disparities in weight throughout the billing process.
  • Serviceability is impacted by a small carrier library.
  • At the beginning, the platform does not let you negotiate your own SLA.
  • Unable to handle larger order volumes.

What is Pickrr?

Established in 2015, Pickrr is a well-liked substitute for ShipRocket. Similar to ShipRocket, Pickrr enables cost-effective shipping with a variety of carriers. However, they also provide more sophisticated tools for running your shipping business.


  • Comprehensive data on your shipping performance will help you identify areas for improvement.
  • Your ability to create shipments with as little as 10 grams can result in cost savings on shipping.
  • RTO management tools to effectively manage orders that are returned or never delivered.
  • You can send your clients real-time shipment tracking via email or SMS, which helps prevent furious calls asking, “Where is my order?”


  • Usually provides quicker domestic and international shipping timeframes.
  • Simplifies the management of returns and reduces unnecessary expenses.
  • Depending on important data, use AI to select the ideal carrier for each of your shipments.
  • Helps prevent unexpected costs resulting from inaccurate weight estimates or other problems.


  • Your choices may be restricted because there are fewer carrier integrations than ShipRocket.
  • The platform isn’t always reliable and occasionally has issues.
  • Order volume caps each month that vary based on the plan you select.

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ShipRocket Vs. Pickrr: A Quick Review

Ease of
User-friendly interfaceIntuitive design for easy navigation
Competitive rates with multiple optionsCost-effective rates with varied choices
Integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, MagentoCompatible with major e-commerce platforms
Responsive support through chat, email, phoneDedicated support channels for assistance
Varies based on courier partners and locationsEfficient delivery timelines with tracking
COD (cash
on delivery)
COD management system in placeSeamless COD processing for hassle-free transactions
Supports easy returns and exchange processesStreamlined returns handling for customer satisfaction
Tracking and
Real-time tracking for improved visibilityDetailed tracking system for transparency
Offers API integration for advanced customizationAPI support for seamless integration with other systems
Provides international shipping servicesOptions for international shipping to expand reach
Dashboard and
Reporting Tools
Feature-rich dashboard with analytics toolsReporting tools for insights into shipping performance
This comparison covers a broader range of features to help you make a more informed decision based on your specific requirements.

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ShipRocket Vs Pickrr: A Detailed Review

1. ShipRocket Vs Pickrr: Core Services

ShipRocket provides interfaces with other fulfillment platforms in addition to its core shipping and distribution services, designed specifically for e-commerce companies.
Shipping and courier services make up the majority of Pickrr’s product services. It offers services to primarily Indian areas, with over 220 sites outside of India. It has partnerships with several shipping companies.

2. ShipRocket Vs Pickrr: Pricing

ShipRocket provides reductions of up to 50% and asserts to have some of the most inexpensive rates in the shipping sector.
3 pricing plans are available on Pickrr: Below 1000 orders, which start at Rs. 29, between 1000 and 5000 orders, which start at Rs. 26, and above 1000, which starts at Rs. 22 per order.

3. ShipRocket Vs Pickrr: Tech Features

ShipRocket provides cutting-edge tech solutions like recommendation engines, automated shipping, order tracking tools, SMS alerts, and NDR management.
Pickrr has a wide range of technological features, including automated first-mile delivery, software integrations, an AI and ML platform, WMS capabilities, and much more.

4. ShipRocket Vs Pickrr: Integrations

With features like cross-platform tracking, inventory management, data syncing, and much more, ShipRocket provides software interfaces to the majority of the leading worldwide fulfillment platforms, including Magento, Shopify, Amazon, and others.
Pickrr is mostly a shipping service. It also integrates with other platforms, like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Opencart, and Sumtracker, so that order, inventory, and shipping information can be linked between them all.

5. ShipRocket Vs Pickrr: Packaging

ShipRocket offers branded packaging services in accordance with the needs of its customers.
Pickrr does not allow customization. But it provides packing services for customers’ orders to be delivered.

6. ShipRocket Vs Pickrr: Unique Selling Point (USP)

ShipRocket offers smooth connectivity with numerous other platforms and some of the most affordable shipping prices in the business.
Pickrr aims to transport goods quickly and effectively, even to the most remote areas of the country. Currently, Pickrr serves over 29,000 pin codes in India.

Additionally, Pickrr was acquired by ShipRocket in 2022. ShipRocket’s platform has integrated Pickrr’s superior logistics system, which offers features in real-time tracking and route optimization, to improve the shipping experience for its customers. Both businesses saw this acquisition as a strategic move that would benefit their respective stakeholders greatly.

ShipRocket Vs Pickrr: Conclusion

For enterprises, Pickrr and ShipRocket provide dependable yet adaptable shipping options. For individuals seeking a user-friendly platform with automated label creation, Pickrr is the ideal choice; on the other hand, ShipRocket provides a more extensive range of services and prices that would be more appropriate for larger enterprises. The decision between the two will ultimately come down to the particular requirements of each company.

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Which is better Pickrr or ShipRocket?

Established in 2015, Pickrr is a well-liked substitute for ShipRocket. Similar to ShipRocket, Pickrr enables cost-effective shipping with a variety of carriers. However, they also provide more sophisticated tools for running your shipping business.

Is Pickrr owned by ShipRocket?

An agreement has been signed by ShipRocket, a tech-based shipping and fulfillment platform, to purchase the majority of Pickrr, an e-commerce SaaS platform for small and D2C firms and e-tailers.

Is Pickrr a product based company?

Pickrr is a complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) logistics system that is radically changing how business vendors transport their goods to customers anywhere in the world.

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