Unlock 10 Types of Facebook Ads for B2B Business [2024 Updated]

Types of Facebook Ads for B2B Business

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Facebook Ads or Meta Ads give your business a competitive advantage, but only if used correctly. It is essential to have a solid understanding of the various types of Facebook ads for B2B businesses in order to develop the most effective advertising plan for Facebook.

Why Should We Use Facebook Ads?

It is impossible for us to disregard the efficiency of Facebook advertisements, particularly when other forms of paid advertising, such as Google ads, are compared to them. Although prices change according to the target industry and the number of impressions, it all comes down to the following factors:

How Effective Are Advertisements on Facebook?

If you have ever looked through Facebook, it is quite probable that you have inadvertently clicked on an advertisement without realizing that it was an advertisement. Facebook, in contrast to advertisements that give the impression that they are being shoved in your face (for example, ad sets on mobile games or advertisements that are disregarded on the side of websites or blogs), has integrated advertisements into your Facebook newsfeed in a way that is seamless.

The 10 Different Types of Facebook Ads for B2B Business

If you want to be successful with Facebook advertising, you need to match the objectives you have with the proper ad types. On Facebook, you have access to a large choice of ad formats from which to choose. If you are able to have a knowledge of the distinctions between the two, you will be one step closer to successfully utilizing Facebook Ads to convert leads into purchases.

The following are the 10 different kinds of Facebook ads:

  1. Video
  2. Image
  3. Slideshow
  4. Carousel
  5. Instant Experience
  6. Lead
  7. Collection
  8. Event
  9. Messenger
  10. Stories

1. Video Ads

Types of Facebook Ads for B2B Business offer a variety of options, one of the most direct and effective being video ads. These video ads are designed to deliver a concise and easily digestible message to the target audience. Businesses can conveniently create these ads using the Ads Manager or opt to boost them directly from their Facebook Page.

For optimal results and viewer engagement, it’s recommended that these videos last no longer than 15 seconds. When setting up these video ads, companies can choose from a range of ad objectives, including Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, App Installs, Engagement, Lead Generation, and Conversions.

Source: UpWork

2. Image Ads

When considering the different Types of Facebook Ads for B2B Business, one standout option is the Photo Ad. This specific type of advertisement features a single image accompanied by a compelling call to action and an attached link directing viewers to a desired destination. The objectives for such Photo Ads can vary based on the advertiser’s goals.

They can be aimed at increasing Brand Awareness, Local Awareness, driving Traffic, broadening Reach, promoting App Installs, fostering Engagement, facilitating Lead Generation, encouraging Conversions, or even boosting Product Catalog Sales. Whatever the goal, Photo Ads offer a versatile solution for B2B marketers looking to make an impact on Facebook.

Source: Sprout Social

3. Slideshow

One of the most engaging types of Facebook Ads for B2B businesses is the Slideshow ad. These ads harness the power of images or videos to weave a narrative, presenting a story that can seamlessly depict a sequence or demystify an intricate process. You can craft your own slideshow with as few as 3 or as many as 10 images or videos. When viewed, slideshow ads have the appearance of videos, transitioning smoothly from one slide to another.

Their inherent design capabilities are more than just functional; they can act as potent tools to capture audience attention, making even the simplest ads pop. The objectives for employing Slideshow ads range from bolstering brand awareness, increasing local recognition, expanding reach, driving traffic, facilitating app installs, enhancing engagement, boosting video views, and generating leads, to catalyzing conversions.

4. Carousel

When considering the types of Facebook Ads for B2B Business, Carousel Ads stand out as a distinct and versatile choice. It’s essential not to confuse them with slideshow ads. What sets Carousel Ads apart is their ability to feature multiple products in one advertisement, making them an excellent tool for showcasing 2 or more images or videos, each paired with a unique headline.

Their visual difference is evident when compared to other ads, as each piece of content is presented as an individual card that users can scroll through.

Furthermore, each image or video can link to a separate webpage. This ad format is particularly beneficial for purposes such as Brand Awareness, Local Awareness, Reach, App Installs, Engagement, Lead Generation, Conversions, and Product Catalog Sales. The best feature of Carousel Ads is undeniably their capability to feature multiple products within a single ad space.

5. Instant Experience

Types of Facebook Ads for B2B Business now include immersive full-screen ad experiences that are hosted directly on Facebook, eliminating the need for external redirects. These interactive ads, known as Instant Experience Ads, primarily aim to boost Brand Awareness and Traffic.

6. Lead

Types of Facebook Ads for B2B Business offer various options to cater to specific marketing objectives. One notable option is the Lead Form ads. These ads are specially designed to direct users to a fillable form, making it easier for businesses to gather crucial information.

What’s advantageous about these Lead Forms is that their fields are entirely customizable, allowing businesses to tailor them according to the specific data they aim to collect. In essence, if you’re exploring ad objectives for your B2B venture, Lead Forms should be on your consideration list.

7. Collection

When considering types of Facebook Ads for B2B businesses, Collection ads stand out for their immersive approach to showcasing products and services. These ads use a mix of captivating images and videos, which are prominently displayed when a user clicks on the ad, opening the Instant Experience.

Collection ads feature a primary cover image or video, with several products highlighted beneath. Once engaged, users gain deeper insights into what’s on offer, possibly leading them to visit the brand’s website or app. The overarching goal is to enhance website conversion rates. Key objectives for Collection ads include brand awareness, driving traffic, encouraging store visits, improving conversions, boosting product catalogue sales, and promoting app installs.

Source: Instapage

8. Event

In the realm of B2B business, harnessing the potential of Facebook Ads can lead to substantial results, especially when promoting events. Some brands strategically utilize regular events to bolster brand awareness and garner more leads. Among the diverse types of Facebook Ads for B2B businesses, Event Ads stand out as a powerful tool.

Through Facebook’s omnipotent platform, businesses can escalate their event promotions, aiming for increased attendance and robust ticket sales revenue. These ads can either be crafted via the Facebook Ads Manager or directly boosted from a brand’s page. Crucial ad objectives encompass Brand and Event Awareness, Local Awareness, Reach, Lead Generation, Engagement, Event Responses, Offer Claims, and Conversions.

9. Messenger

When considering types of Facebook Ads for B2B business, Messenger Ads stand out for their potential to offer a more intimate and tailored engagement. These ads are designed to seamlessly integrate into the chat interface, appearing between ongoing conversations. The distinct feature of these ads is the detailed view they provide.

Users are presented with a clear call to action, leading them directly to the predetermined destination set during the ad’s creation. The objectives for deploying Messenger Ads can vary and encompass aims such as brand awareness, driving traffic, lead generation, conversions, and even encouraging store visits.

10. Stories

Types of Facebook Ads for B2B Business have seen a transformative shift with the inclusion of Stories ads, a compelling method for businesses to connect with their audience. These ads have become popular largely due to their immersive vertical and full-screen presentation, offering a natural and engaging experience for users.

But the real strength of Stories ads lies in their ability to quickly convey a message. B2B businesses can leverage them for a variety of ad objectives, including Brand Awareness, Reach, Video Views, Conversions, App Installs, Traffic, and most importantly, Lead Generation. This format ensures that content is both fun and effective for B2B communication.

Beginning your Facebook advertising journey should be approached with a methodical mindset: start on a small scale, actively experiment, meticulously measure outcomes, and refine your strategies based on feedback. The types of ads detailed in the article provide a foundational blueprint for shaping a sustainable social media marketing campaign for your business. As you absorb this information, remember that real growth comes from practical application. So, dive in and start testing!

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