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why you should use google ads

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Wondering how your business, out of the billions of websites that are available online, gets people to notice and visit your website? Heard of Google Ads? Try out Google Ads if you are willing to spend money in order to increase the number of prospects that visit your website. But why you should use Google Ads? Wouldn’t organic search engine optimization (SEO) approaches be enough?

The internet is home to billions upon billions of web pages. Every single day, the number of search queries received by Google is 5.6 billion. Are you prepared to wait till the organic search results get at least to the top 5 pages of SERP, considering the massive volume of traffic that your website receives?

So, is organic SEO bad? The answer is no! But the results of SEO work won’t be seen immediately.

However, as you continue with your organic SEO efforts, it is best to experiment with paid advertising, notably Google Ads. Why you should use Google Ads? The basic objective of marketing is to make contact with potential buyers who have previously demonstrated an interest in purchasing the goods and services that you offer. The most efficient method to get in front of those folks would be to have advertisements posted on the search engine that get the highest traffic overall.

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But Why You Should Use Google Ads?

Because of Google Ads, companies now have the option to engage with everyone who uses Google to do an online search for information, products, or services. This opens up a world of new business opportunities. If you make use of Google Ads, you will have the opportunity to communicate with a sizable number of people who are currently in the market for the good or service that you are selling.

Continue reading this article if you are currently not making use of Google Ads so that you can get knowledge about an effective marketing method that is available to you and understand why you should use Google Ads.

What Are the Advantages of Using Google Ads?

Take a quick look at these 10 great things about Google Ads and understand why you should use Google Ads:

1. Google Is the Ultimate Go-to Search Engine

Ever felt stuck when looking for an answer and then you heard “Google it”—an answer we’ve all probably heard? Google has held the majority of the search market for a number of years and has built up a reputation for being the ultimate go-to platform for all searches (paid as well as organic). If a potential customer is searching for a business like yours, whether locally or globally, it is almost certain that they’ll be looking via Google, and ads can help you reach these customers before your competitors do. For many years, Google has had the biggest share of the search market and has become known as the best place to do paid searches.

Google Search Console

2. It Helps You Get More Leads and Customers

Finding lead sources that scale, meaning it doesn’t take 10 times the work to generate 10 times the leads, is one of the greatest difficulties for any marketer. Some companies spend millions of dollars annually on Google Ads because of how easily they can be scaled. If you are able to create a Google Ad campaign that gives you a profitable conversion rate, there is no reason at all to stop or pause your spending budget on such a campaign.

You can boost your PPC spending, and both your leads and your revenues will rise. This makes Google Ads a great option for firms that require a large volume of leads but have limited resources in terms of both time and manpower.

3. It Offers Targeting

Google is continually striving to improve its ads because they are now one of its key sources of revenue. Google has also determined that displaying product ads and videos on YouTube, as well as in-video sponsored ads, has a better conversion CTR (click-through rate). The more engaging and appealing Google’s advertisements are, the more cash they generate, and everyone is happy.

Example of Google Ad

4. Create Brand Value

Brand awareness and recognition are especially important for small or new businesses in terms of generating new sales and building a market presence. Creating brand recognition with Google Ads is as simple as having your brand appear at the top of a search result. Whether or not your audience clicks on your ad, it is still plainly visible; therefore, creating brand recognition can be accomplished by appearing in your audience’s searches on a frequent basis.

There are also retargeting tools that allow you to advertise to people who have already interacted with your company or to remind those who have already visited your website to complete their transactions. This is one of the major reasons for a new business to use Google Ads.

5. Google Ads Can Be Customized

Because Google Ads are measurable, they can be routinely analyzed and optimized based on the outcomes. This means they can become more targeted in order to attract clicks. Testing and trialing keywords and phrases is an excellent technique to learn what works and what doesn’t. We can do A/B testing and see what is working for our business and what is not. This is one of the major reasons why you should use Google Ads.

6. You Witness Immediate and Transparent Results

Google Ads is known for making advertising results and data quick and easy to get. The Google Analytics dashboard shows all the details about each campaign, like which ads were clicked, what keywords website users used, and how much each click cost. This makes it easy to see how your campaigns are doing. These factors work together to make Google Ads a very clear and easy-to-use option.

Google Ads is lightning fast and accurate. You have an advantage over the competition compared to SEO. Whether you have an established digital presence or not, you will appear in search engines and receive more clicks from search results than all of your competitors’ company websites who have not opted into ads. This gives you an edge over your competitors, allowing you to expand faster and rest assured that your firm will succeed.

7. Get Results in an Easy-To-Understand Format

Ad performance indicators are provided in the analytics area of the Google Ads dashboard. A reputable digital marketing business will assess the campaign results in order to improve them in the future. Google Ads provides campaign information such as cost of clicks, your website visitors’ search phrases, CTR (click-through rate), CPC (cost per click), impressions, and clicks. Linking your Google Ads to Google Analytics is the best approach to tracking the success of your campaigns.

8. Increased ROI

Google Ads provides tools for optimizing your campaigns. The goal is to identify the best plan for your company’s needs. This is made possible through continuous testing, outcome tracking, and improvisation. What is the cost of running a Google Ad campaign? When you consider the ROI, it’s miniscule! To get your campaigns correct, we recommend hiring the services of a professional digital marketing business such as Markeeters. This allows you to spend money on marketing wisely and expect a higher ROI.

9. The Competitive Spirit

When it comes to search engine optimization, you definitely have a significant advantage over your competitors. Whether you have a strong digital presence or not, you will appear in search engines right away, and your site will receive more hits from search results than all of your competitors’ company websites that have not opted into the fast rolling stone, Ads.

This puts you ahead of the competition, allowing you to expand faster and feel assured that you have a successful business that will remain competitive. If you learn that your competitors are already using Google Ads (which they almost certainly are), this just serves to reinforce the importance of using Ads to run diverse campaigns and stay ahead of the curve.

10. Google Ads Produce Results Faster Than SEO

SEO is a great way to get a lot of organic traffic to your website, but it takes time and patience to get good at it. You need well-written, well-thought-out keywords, page speeds that have been tested, and backlinks that have been won. SEO work may not be seen for months. PPC, on the other hand, can be very quick, especially if you have a good ad budget to spend. If your ad gets a search, Google will show it on its own site and other sites, like YouTube, after you’ve made it live.

Are Google Ads Worth the Money?

Absolutely. Google Ads are extremely adaptable and beneficial to businesses of all sizes. There is significant proof that a Google Ad investment can help your company stay competitive, enhance visibility, and eventually drive sales. Google is a massive platform for marketing your business to both local and global networks, and pay-per-click is an important approach to employ. Consider Google Ads if you want to market directly to your clients.


What makes Google Ads unique?

This is a platform for ads where people bet on which ads will show up at the top of Google’s search results and Google Maps for certain keywords. Pay-per-click advertising on Google Ads means that companies only have to pay when measurable results happen, like a website click or a business call.

What is the goal of Google Ads?

The main goals of Google Ads are:
– Reach a large number of people while effectively utilizing your brand.
– Raise awareness among the appropriate audiences.
– Use a range of ad types to help users recognize your brand.
-Weekly target audience reach Increase brand familiarity by focusing on frequency.

Why is Google Ads preferable to Facebook Ads?

The decision between Facebook Ads and Google Ads will be based on your company’s audience, industry, and business objectives. Google Ads are typically better for driving sales, whilst Facebook Ads are better for increasing brand awareness and connecting with customers.

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