What is Meme Marketing? Everything You Should Know

What is Meme Marketing? Everything You Should Know

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The latest buzz in marketing is a meme. Your day begins and ends by sharing memes with your friends and family. You wake up, scroll, share memes, laugh, and repeat! Memes are captivating, humorous, and exciting. Let us take you through this blog journey: What is Meme Marketing? Everything You Should Know. Let’s dive into Memeland!

In the world of marketing, memes have transformed from simple jokes to powerful marketing tools. Memes are increasingly becoming popular. We’ve seen them, laughed at them, and shared them. Would you trust us if we said you could profit from this trend as well?

Meme marketing is a journey from LOL to ROI. 55% of 13-55 year-olds send memes every week. Next time, when you share a meme, keep in mind that more than half of the individuals who will share it are teenagers and young-older adults.

What are Memes?

In the world of digital marketing, memes are much more than just hilarious visuals with catchy words. They are ideas, practices, or styles that individuals in a culture share. They tend to consist of photographs layered with words that depict real events, emotions, or comedy.

Here is an example of a meme:

Richard Dawkins coined the term “meme” in 1976. He remarked, “How an idea could spread and have a hold in popular culture (audience) just like genes can multiply (shareability).” A meme can be a catchphrase, a joke, or even a GIF/video that is inspired by popular culture, such as a TV show or a movie.

What is Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing is the use of memes to promote your brand and reach a larger audience. It is a light-hearted method to establish a relationship with your audience or followers and allows you to interact with your readers. Memes are highly relevant and shareable with the majority of social media audiences, giving marketers a significant advantage in improving their storytelling and brand identity.

In 2020, it was estimated that the global meme market was worth an estimated value of $2.3 billion; by 2025 this number is projected to more than triple to reach an expected total value of $6.12 billion.

Memes are effective because they draw on common experiences and emotions. They are relatable, frequently emphasizing typical difficulties, pleasures, and insights. It is one of the most important tools in digital marketing because memes foster a sense of community among those who identify with them.

Up until now, we hope that you have understood what meme marketing is. Let us move on to learn a few advantages of meme marketing.

Advantages of Meme Marketing

We are living in a world where people skip commercials. It has become challenging to create relationships with harder-to-reach customers. Memes play an important role. There are several advantages to using memes in your marketing strategy:

Expand your reach

One of the primary benefits of employing memes is their increased reach. Memes are relevant to nearly everyone, and with the right hashtags, they may reach a large audience. Memes are more shareable than ads and may help you enhance your brand’s visibility.

High Engagement

Memes provide likes, shares, and comments, as well as brand recall! This helps in increasing social following. Users don’t mind if a meme is connected to a service or product every now and then. A balance is essential in the meme strategy. You can use a 75:25 ratio, in which 75% of memes can be generic and 25% are specific to your product or service.

An interesting example:

Memes are Cost-effective

Memes are simple to make. They do not have to be unique all the time. Digital marketers may save a lot of time and engage their customers and followers with up-to-date content. Trending memes that use an analogy from a TV show or movie have a good possibility of going viral. In the case of memes, resolution and design are not as important.

Memes have a High Retention Rate

We only recall things that are really significant or catch our attention. Good memes can entice you to put down your phone and engage with it. We are more likely to remember things we shared with our friends that made us laugh uncontrollably. If it was truly a fantastic meme, there is a decent possibility the user will remember your brand. Although not all users who appreciate memes will become customers, however, they will remember your brand and consider what you offer.

Why are Memes relevant?

Surveys show that people are avoiding digital advertising and promotional content, which has resulted in a sharp decline in click-through rates (CTR) and conversions. because of this, advertisers find it difficult to guarantee that the people they are targeting see their ads.

Consumers tend to ignore or scroll past ads and promotional content. According to studies, yet 84% of millennials get influenced by UGC, such as memes. Businesses should take advantage of this strategy to create viral campaigns that support your brand and its messages. Memes have shown to be the most effective kind of marketing communication.

Tips to Build a Meme Marketing Strategy for Your Brand & Business

Meme marketing has been revolutionary. Crafting a successful meme marketing strategy is important, and it involves more than just following trends. Here are a few tips to help your brand leverage the power of memes effectively.

1. Understand your Audience

This is one of the very first and most traditional marketing suggestions offered by all marketers, and it is really significant. Memes are not just about connecting with the brand and the subject at hand, but also with the audience. You might not receive a lot of engagement if you make a meme that isn’t relevant to your audience.

2. Keep it Simple

Go for clear, concise messages that can be quickly understood by your audience. No one likes complicated memes. The average attention span of human beings is 8.25 seconds. Today’s viewers may not spend much time comprehending things. So, create a meme that everyone should be able to understand easily. Just plain and simple!

3. Create a Brand Voice

Memes convey what your brand believes in an indirect way. As a result, it is imperative to adhere to your brand guidelines, values, and mission. Everyone wants to use viral memes since they assist with traffic and engagement. However, it is critical to verify that the meme is true to your brand. Choose your memes carefully.

4. Storytelling

Memes can be the basis for compelling stories. Create a story around your meme that matches your brand message. You can create a meme series that tells stories, entertains your audience, and leaves them wanting for the next chapter. Not only does storytelling increase the effect of your memes, but it also generates a feeling of continuity, motivating followers to stay involved and anticipate your future content.

5. Use Humor Wisely

Memes are amusing. You have to make sure that they are not offensive and that no offensive language is used. You have to personalize it to match your brand identity. Your memes should not offend anyone. Memes should bring laughter and positive feelings to the community.

6. Include Trends and Relevant Content

Creating popular memes is one of the meme marketing methods that may help you gain a lot of traction. The meme market is constantly saturated with one or more trending memes. Try to include these trends in your content marketing strategy. Make sure that it does not conflict with your brand voice.

7. Meme Rules

Follow meme rules when you create a meme strategy. You have to be brief, quick and popular. Remember, large readable letters result in the highest level of engagement. To prevent misunderstandings, use pre-existing memes without modifying their original meaning. Carefully place your call-to-action (CTA) in the message. Don’t overly personalize used templates. This could negatively affect your brand’s voice.

Some Interesting & Hilarious Examples

1. Netflix

One of the popular platforms among audiences under the age 35 is Netflix. It is no wonder how they implement meme marketing to connect with their youthful viewers.

2. McDonalds

The popular food joint McDonalds has incorporated the meme strategy on social media and they decided to convey the message that ordering is easy for introverts because of drive-thru.

3. Audible

Similar to ASOS, Audible has leveraged the “spooky skeleton” meme to sell its items. The difference is that they have altered the language to be exclusive to their brand.

4. Starbucks

The coffee giant Starbucks leverages memes in their social strategy. They create memes around their PSL as it one of the most popular drinks in fall.


To sum up, you have learned what is meme marketing, the advantages of meme marketing, tips to build an effective meme marketing strategy, and few examples. Meme marketing is affordable, entertaining, and effective. So, there is no excuse not to participate! Remember, you can leverage memes in both B2B and B2C marketing. Make sure to create memes that align with your brand values. It is not only about making your audience and followers laugh; it is also about being relatable and shareable. If people also make memes about your brand, that is a sign that you are connecting with your audience. Also, monitor your audiences’ reactions, participate in trends, and ensure quality.

It is time to include memes in your marketing strategy. So, begin your meme marketing journey today! You can speak with our social media marketers to understand and incorporate the same in your marketing strategy.

You never know; one day your meme might go viral! Use them to share your brand values and win your audience with humor and simplicity. Professional social media content should be featured on your platforms, but a little comedy and creativity is never a bad thing. So take advantage of this amazing opportunity, learn from this blog, and make the most of your meme marketing strategy.


What type of marketing is meme marketing?

Meme marketing is when a business adapts a popular meme’s text message to be more relevant to its brand while being hilarious and preserving the original meme’s features.

What is the objective of meme marketing?

The primary goal of meme marketing is to generate an amusing and relevant picture, video or a piece of content that will spread rapidly and widely on social media.

Why is meme marketing effective?

Engagement: People enjoy sharing memes, which increases engagement.
Simple: Creating and posting a meme requires little technical or marketing experience.
Reach: When done correctly, a meme can reach a larger audience in a short span of time.

How do I start meme marketing?

– Identify your audience
– Stay updated
– Be simple
– Be creative

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