Tips for Growing D2C Brands on E-commerce Platforms

Tips for Growing D2C Brands on E-commerce Platforms

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The post-pandemic era has brought significant changes in our lives. There are many tips for growing D2C brands on e-commerce platforms which we will discuss later in the blog. Let’s dive in!


Global shopping trends, brands, technology, consumer behaviours, and demographics have shifted drastically in recent years. Consumers are embracing online shopping, and with the increased demand, D2C brands are thriving. Fitbit, Mamaearth, BoAt, Lenskart, Chewy, Casper, and Bare Anatomy are a few examples of D2C brands. There are many popular e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, and Walmart that allow D2C brands to sell their products on their platforms.

Some mind-blowing statistics for you:

  • As per the reports of invesp, “over 1/3 of the consumers report that they bought directly from a manufacturer’s website in the last year.”
  • 78% of D2C brands increased their marketing budgets.
  • 40% of consumers expect that more than 40% of their spending will go toward D2C brands in the next 5 years.
  • 55% of consumers prefer to buy directly from brands rather than multi-brand retailers.
The Rise of Direct-to-Consumer Brand Purchasing
The Rise of Direct-to-Consumer Brand Purchasing

Let’s delve into this blog to understand D2C brands and tips for growing D2C on E-commerce platforms.

What is D2C (Direct-to-consumer)?

Direct-to-consumer, commonly referred to as D2C, is a business strategy that makes it possible for businesses to sell their goods directly to their customers. The businesses don’t depend on retail websites and conventional marketplaces for their sales and exposure. This helps businesses reduce their expenses while still maintaining control over the production, marketing, and distribution of their goods. The innovators have successfully tested their distribution methods, including social media marketing and online sales. This has led to the establishment of relationships with the customer directly.

D2C and Your Brand on Amazon

Many business owners sell their products on Amazon, as it helps them reach a wider audience. The platform ensures that your product reaches your target audience and maintains price integrity on the platform. Sellers can set up a brand store, create content, and also use a programme named Amazon Posts which is similar to Instagram. In-house assistance can help improve your success rate on the platform. They will help in creating the product titles, bullet points, and product pages to attract the target audience and establish your brand on the platform. It is a cost-effective platform. It is advised to hire an Amazon specialist to build your brand and follow Amazon’s guidelines.

Millennials and D2C Brand Marketing

There is a paradigm shift from offline to online shopping. It has transformed the global e-commerce business and consumer behaviour. Fun fact: Nearly 50% more millennials will increase their online spending for health and beauty products compared to Gen Z. Millennials comprise a wider target audience for most D2C brands globally. They have witnessed the growth of the internet and smartphones. They are tech-savvy and trendsetters. They are the key demographics for the D2C brands. Millennials value comfort and an amazing customer service experience. They believe in making connections with brands. D2C brands are also focusing on creating value for their customers, which is why millennials are ditching the traditional shopping system and moving to an online shopping experience.

8 Tips for Growing D2C Brands on E-commerce Platforms

Let us explore a few tips for growing your D2C brands on E-commerce platforms to establish relationships with your customers and create a long-term association.

Customer Experience is a Top Priority

The D2C brands should deliver a smooth, user-friendly online shopping experience by simplifying website navigation, product search, and checkout processes. Many customers shop via their smartphones; hence, websites should be created in a responsive design with fast-loading pages and mobile optimisation. Customer experience is the most important recommendation for D2C brands to grow on e-commerce platforms.

Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the most useful tip for growing D2C brands on e-commerce platforms. Encourage your customers to share testimonials, feedback, and reviews for the products. User-generated content can be used across all social media platforms, and it serves as an endorsement for your brand. It helps to build trust and maintain long-term relationships. You can showcase user-generated content on your social media platforms and improve your brand’s authenticity. This also helps build up the community and foster stronger connections with the audience.

Support Customization

A friendly tip for growing your D2C brand on e-commerce platforms is to employ customisation in your strategy. Customise your marketing messages, product suggestions, and shopping experience on the basis of your consumers’ interests, purchasing patterns, and behaviour. It also promotes customer satisfaction and raises the probability of repeat purchases. Use customer segmentation to split them on the basis of shared characteristics and create messages for each segment. Social listening will help to create a tailored strategy as per the consumer preferences, trends, and behaviours.

Leverage Social Media

Make use of social media channels to engage and interact with your customers. It is one of the most helpful tips for growing your D2C brand on an e-commerce platform. Share interesting and unique content to attract your target audience. Establish genuine relationships, conduct targeted advertisements, and utilise user-generated content to enhance brand recognition. You can share links of the products on the respective platforms with a discount code to make them more appealing to your audience.

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Mobile Optimization

These days, customers are spending their time on their smartphones. Make sure the platform is mobile-friendly and provides seamless browsing to its customers and visitors. Mobile optimisation increases conversion rates through faster loading times and makes sure you don’t lose prospective customers. This further helps to reduce bounce rates and encourages customers to stay for longer periods of time on the e-commerce platforms for shopping and browsing.

Make Use of Influencer Marketing

Collaborate with influencers who are appropriate for your target audience to advertise your brand and goods. Influencers help increase your brand’s recognition, create buzz, connect with your audience, and establish authenticity in the market. People associate with influencers, and this also helps to get traction for your products on the e-commerce website.

Focus on Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a pivotal role in the growth of the D2C brand on an e-commerce platform. Customers should be encouraged to provide feedback and ratings on your products. Legit customer reviews increase conversion rates by building a sense of trust and authenticity among prospective customers. Keep an eye on the reviews and respond to show that you value customer feedback. It also shows your dedication to providing a great customer experience.

Analysis and Optimisation

It is of paramount importance to continuously analyse website statistics, consumer data, and marketing results. Marketing analytics solutions provide a better understanding of demographics and customer behaviour, improving marketing strategies and boosting overall brand performance. Metrics analysis is an important direction to take to grow your D2C brands on e-commerce platforms.


Growing a D2C brand on e-commerce platforms is an exciting journey that requires dedication and a clear, comprehensive strategy. By focusing on customer service, your brand’s unique story, and understanding the digital world, you can skyrocket your success journey. It is about being the best in your niche and establishing strong relationships with customers. Strong branding and product positioning are important for D2C brands to stand out in the competition on e-commerce platforms. Developing a compelling strategy for your brand will help you reach new shoppers and build long-lasting brand loyalty. You can leverage in-house assistance from the platforms to establish your brand. We hope that these tips help your D2C brand grow on e-commerce platforms!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase D2C sales?

– Customized product suggestions
– Timely communication
– Leverage AI tools to improve marketing ROI
– A clear marketing strategy

What is the social media strategy for D2C?

– Identify the target audience
– Select the relevant platform/s
– Optimize your social media profiles
– Develop a content strategy
– Engage and interact with your audience
– Analyse the metrics

Which is the most successful D2C business?

According to data from SimilarWeb, is the D2C brand with the biggest global traffic volume. Chewy is a pet-parenting company.

How to grow an e-commerce business with digital marketing?

1. Social listening strategy
2. Customer feedback
3. Consistent content strategy
4. Customer awareness campaigns
5. Retargeting campaigns

What are the growth strategies for D2C brands?

Brands should prioritize market research, customization, social media, SEO, content and an omnichannel approach for their growth strategies. Brands thrive in the industry when they follow the fundamentals of growth strategy and take their business to new heights.

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