SEO and Lead Gen for SaaS Growth: Tips from Anubhav Narula, CMO at Loop

EPISODE 2 SEO and Lead Gen for SaaS Growth

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In our second podcast episode, we’re thrilled to host Anubhav Narula, the Chief Marketing Officer at Loop Subscriptions, an all-in-one Shopify subscriptions app. Anubhav brings a wealth of expertise in SEO, Organic Growth, Product Marketing, and Lead Generation for B2B companies.

During our conversation, we delve into Anubhav’s journey from 0 to 1 at Loop. We explore the key strategies he implemented to scale the marketing efforts, considering the challenges and successes along the way.

Questions we have asked on this Podcast: SEO and Lead Gen for SaaS Growth

  • Can you walk us through your journey of scaling the marketing efforts at Loop Subscriptions from zero to one? What were some of the key strategies you implemented along the way?
  • As a SaaS company, what role did SEO play in your organic growth, and how did you optimize your website and content to improve your search rankings?
  • Lead generation is crucial for B2B companies. Could you share some effective tactics or channels that you utilized to generate quality leads for Loop Subscriptions?
  • Product marketing is often overlooked but can have a significant impact on a SaaS company’s growth. How did you approach product marketing at Loop and what strategies did you employ to drive the adoption and usage of your subscription app?
  • Scaling marketing efforts requires allocating resources strategically. How did you determine which marketing channels to prioritize and invest in at Loop Subscriptions? Were there any challenges you faced while scaling and how did you overcome them?
  • Can you share some insights or best practices for SaaS founders who are looking to scale their marketing efforts?

SEO and Lead Gen for SaaS Growth

EPISODE 02 SEO and Lead Gen for SaaS Growth

3 May · Season 1 : Crafting Your Initial Brand Buzz · Episode 2

By Ridhi Gulati

#002: In this episode, join us as we delve into the world of SEO, organic growth, and product marketing with Anubhav Narula, the CMO at Loop Subscriptions. Gain exclusive insights into B2B lead generation strategies and valuable lessons from Anubhav's journey at Loop. Tune in now!

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