Being Frugal and Creative: Strategies for Thrifty Innovation

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Marketing expert Jasleen Kaur joins us to share creative strategies for marketing on a shoestring budget. She draws from her experience driving marketing for major brands and founding her own agency. Jasleen provides tips on leveraging digital marketing, building partnerships, and thinking innovatively when funds are limited. She emphasizes using PR creatively and shares lessons learned from her own entrepreneurial journey.

EPISODE 1 Being Frugal and Creative Strategies for Thrifty Innovation

3 May · Season 1 : Crafting Your Initial Brand Buzz · Episode 1

By Ridhi Gulati

#001: In this episode, we dive into the early stages of marketing challenges faced by start-ups and explore how to approach marketing on a shoestring budget. We're excited to introduce our special guest, marketing expert and entrepreneur Jasleen Kaur, who has driven marketing and PR for renowned brands like United Colors of Benetton, Hugo Boss, Mothercare, Hamleys, and Canon.

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