Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager

Top Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager

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We can all admit that our daily exercise routine involves scrolling through social media feeds. So, dear business enthusiasts, here are the top 5 reasons to hire a social media manager for your brand and business.


Social media has become an important element in our lives. But do you ever wonder how social media can help you increase your ROI? Here are some insane facts about social media (Forbes):

  • 4.9 billion people use social media globally. Mind-boggling, right?
  • Short-form videos are the most interesting type of content. Brevity is the key!
  • 90% of people follow at least one brand on social media. Make a connection, hurry!
  • 77% of brands leverage social media to reach customers. Are you on social media yet?

What is Social Media?

Social media is a type of mass communication that takes place through the internet (such as social media platforms and microblogging websites) and allows people to exchange ideas, information, personal messages, and other content such as videos and reels. In general, social media has many important benefits for brands and businesses that track, react to, enhance, and influence customer behaviour effectively. The penetration rate of social networks is currently at 54% worldwide. Social media has radically changed the way modern society interacts and exchanges ideas and information. Unlike traditional media like newspapers, radio, and television, which are designed to transmit information without allowing a response, social media is structured to facilitate two-way conversation.

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What are the common features of Social Media?

There are certain similarities among social media platforms, while each one functions differently and has its own distinct characteristics. Here are some of the common features of social media:


The majority of social media platforms will require users to create a personal or business profile. They can upload a profile photo, add a bio, and create a unique username.

Direct Message

Direct message also referred to DM, is a private method of communication between members of social media platforms like WhatsApp, and WeChat which offer it as an integral function. Some platforms have an optional function like Instagram direct messages or Facebook Messenger.

Content Sharing

Every social media user can publish content from their personal profile. However, the type of content that can be uploaded differs on the social media platforms. For instance, on Facebook and Instagram, you can share text, paragraphs, short videos, and more, while on TikTok, you can only share images and videos.


Social media platforms show relevant advertisements in a single feed or timeline. The feed also suggests posts based on your interests and the accounts you follow.


All social media platforms employ algorithms to choose which content to show users and in what order. Nearly all algorithms are created to offer the content a user is most likely to engage with, based on prior content they have searched or interacted with.

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What are the advantages of Social Media for Businesses and Creators?

With 4.9 billion people using social media worldwide, it is important for businesses and creators to have an active social media presence and continuously publish unique and fresh content. It has become important to hire a social media manager for your business. Here are some of the advantages of social media for businesses and creators:

Improved Brand Awareness

Social media platforms provide businesses an opportunity to connect with their target and existing audiences, establish long-lasting relationships, and increase their brand awareness.

Customer Engagement

76% of social media users have bought something after seeing it there. Social media plays an important role in customer service. It is easy to be responsive on social media platforms and engage with your customers. It is a simple method to stand out from the crowd, win over your followers, and establish a loyal relationship.

Cost-effective Marketing Plan

Unlike other marketing plans, social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your products and services. You can reach out to your target demographics and engage with them.

Keep Your Audience is Loop

Leverage social media to share informative and entertaining content. You can share articles, event updates, new team members, sales, promotions on products, and other important information. It is an organic and simple approach for businesses to keep their audiences in the loop about what is happening in their business.

Targeted Marketing

You can execute a targeted marketing campaign using social media advertising such as Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads. This helps businesses to boost sales and raise awareness. You can also provide a call-to-action (CTA) and connect with your audience to make a connection.

The merits of social media for businesses would have helped you understand why it is important to hire a social media manager for your business.

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Who is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager is a thinker, a strategist, a promoter, an advocate, and a strong voice for your brand on social media. Social media managers are in charge of promoting brands and businesses on various social media platforms. They aim to improve the online visibility of your brand. They prepare a calendar to schedule and post the content on the social media accounts. Their tasks include community management, and establishing a brand identity online that resonates with the prospective and existing audience. They also help create a social media strategy and study social media metrics.

As a social media manager, you need a few creative skills. You should be able to tell compelling stories on social media accounts. You should be good at taking pictures, filming, editing, and designing graphics. You should understand social media analytics to extract insights. Community management is a day-to-day task. In addition to this, it is important to stay updated with trends and platform updates.

Let’s dig deeper and study the top 5 reasons to hire a social media manager.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager

Having a social media manager for your brand and business is worth it. Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a social media manager:

1. To boost your website traffic

Social media professionals can help increase qualified traffic to your website. They assist you in growing your followers on Facebook, X, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other significant social media platforms. They understand the algorithms and how social media functions as a traffic generator. This involves reaching a bigger audience through content (like posts, videos, reels, carousels, and podcasts) that showcases what makes your product and service exceptional and helpful. Once you grab the attention of your target audience, it becomes simple to lead them to your website, where they will be motivated to make a purchase.

2. To increase your Brand Awareness

Social media managers are experts at knowing exactly what type of content to put on social media accounts and when to post it in order to engage with your target demographic and maintain brand awareness. They make sure that the quantity of technical content, news, advice, ideas, entertainment, and humour is appropriate for your brand and target audience. Additionally, they make the most of social media by using it as a platform for storytelling and capturing interactions which is excellent to showcase the values of your business.

3. To increase Sales and Generate Leads

Social media specialists leverage social media platforms to organically attract potential customers through your sales funnel. Social media can help you sell almost anything. They make sure to increase your sales in association with the increase in your followers. Lead generation is one of the significant benefits of using social media for brands and businesses. Social media helps potential customers show their interest in your products and services with little or no effort; simply a like or a comment on a post is sufficient. Hiring a social media manager makes sure you don’t miss this small opportunity. It is a successful method to locate and attract prospective customers.

Are you enjoying these benefits? Let us give you two more reasons to hire a social media manager for your brand and business.

4. To encourage Lively Engagement

Social media managers are pros at encouraging lively, active and organic engagement on social media platforms. They understand how to make your brand more human and build connections with the audience. This also helps to create long-term strategies and maintain engagement on the platforms for the business. This process should be natural and genuine rather than being staged. An effective social media engagement programme can be set up to increase interaction between your customers and the brand.

One piece of advice: NEVER buy followers to increase your followers. These accounts are scams and you cannot engage or interact with these accounts leading to no brand awareness.

5. To establish Trust and Authority

When you share opinions and ideas in your community, you gain the trust of your audience. Social media provides a fantastic platform for you and your brand to establish yourself as thought leaders. It gives you an opportunity to be a credible source for your existing and prospective customers, and they can turn to you for advice and information. Social media managers understand the best tools and platforms to share insightful content with their audiences. When you establish yourself as a thought leader; you also play the role of social media influencer, which assures brand engagement and increased awareness.


The extensive knowledge and understanding of social media by social media managers helps them to strategically plan your social media campaigns to coordinate with the rest of your marketing initiatives. This results in powerful and consistent branding of your business. Social media managers are best suited to lead your business through technological advancements and marketing whims that affect and are influenced by how customers use social media. Hire a social media manager to reap the benefits of social media for your brand and business. They give you a competitive edge that will help your business achieve sustainable profits and establish you as a thought leader.

Are you looking to revamp your brand and business on social media? Speak with our expert social media team to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top qualities required for a social media manager?

The top qualities needed in a social media manager are:
– Good listener
– Strategic
– Analytical
– Customer-oriented
– Observant

What is the importance of a social media manager?

A social media manager plays an important in creating an online marketing strategy. They are aware of how people think, communicate and behave because customers are the focal point. They help in building relationships with the consumer and boost leads and sales.

What is the main objective of a social media manager?

A social media manager is in charge of directing how a business engages with the people by creating a social media strategy for the platforms. They analyse engagement data, spot patterns in consumer interactions, and develop marketing campaigns to establish an online community.

What is the goal of social media for businesses?

The goal of social media is to create leads, increase website traffic, and increase revenue. It is also used to promote brand awareness, and loyalty, and establish relationships with the customers.

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