How We Increased Markeeters’ Domain Authority From 1 to 17 in just 45 Days

How We Increased Markeeters' Domain Authority From 1 to 17 in just 45 Days

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From zero to hero in just 45 days…

That’s the incredible growth Markeeters achieved in ramping up their new website’s Domain Authority from nothing to a strong 17 in a short time frame.

How did we pull off this amazing feat? By executing an innovative and diverse link-building strategy focused on building high-quality authority signals.

Let’s explore Markeeters’ journey from DA zero to 17, and how you can rapidly accelerate your website’s search performance.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. It is calculated based on the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to a domain. DA scores range from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank high in SERPs.

Why is DA Important for New Websites?

Domain authority is crucial for new websites trying to rank in competitive keywords. A higher DA score signals to search engines that a website is reputable and trusted. New sites start out with a DA of 1, making it challenging to rank against established sites. By building DA through quality backlinks, new websites can quickly gain authority to boost their search visibility.

Benchmarks for Domain Authority

  • DA 1-10: Low, more difficult to rank
  • DA 11-40: Average, moderate rankings
  • DA 41-59: Strong, good search visibility
  • DA 60-79: Very Strong, ranks well locally and nationally
  • DA 80-100: Excellent, ranks extremely well globally

Overview of the Case Study

This case study examines how the website Markeeters was able to increase its Domain Authority (DA) ranking on Moz from 1 to 17 within a short 45-day timeframe. A DA of 17 indicates that Markeeters’ website had acquired significant authority and visibility within a very short period.

Markeeters DA 1 to 17 in 45 days
Markeeters DA 1 to 17 in 45 days

This dramatic rise in DA was achieved through an effective strategic link-building approach focused on the diversity of quality backlinks.

Comprehensive Link Building Strategies

Markeeters utilized a wide range of link-building tactics to accelerate the website’s authority and search engine visibility, including:

Profile Creation

Profiles were created and optimized on over twenty reputable industry directories and platforms such as, Quora, and more. Each listed profile featured a bio, a link to our website, and relevant industry keywords to generate a quality backlink.

quora Markeeters
Markeeters on Quora

Free Guest Post Submission

Markeeters capitalized on sites and platforms that accept free guest post submissions from industry experts. The team researched and identified over twenty reputable blogs, magazine sites, and article directories that published free guest posts such as

Some of the free guest posts ranked well for competitive keywords, further increasing domain authority and search visibility.

benefits of neuromarketing markeeters medium feature snippet
benefits of neuromarketing marketeers medium feature snippet

The free guest posting approach provided significant SEO value through relevant backlinks, increased organic traffic, and keyword rankings pointing back to Markeeters’ main website.

Press Release Distribution 

Press Release Distribution – Markeeters distributed press releases through EIN Presswire which has a massive distribution footprint reaching millions of journalists, businesses, and industry professionals.

Most EIN Presswire releases get picked up by major outlets like Google News, their Newsdesk, partner sites, WordPress publishers, RSS, email, and social media.

Beyond wide distribution, EIN Presswire also owns and maintains the World Media Directory and has niche “Microwires” that provide targeted reach and SEO benefits.

Press Release by markeeters
Press Release by marketers

By publishing press releases on EIN Presswire announcing company news and achievements,

Markeeters secured additional backlinks, exposure, referral traffic, and improvement in domain authority.

The press releases were amplified through EIN’s distribution network, leading to pick up by news sites and Google News which generated quality backlinks.

Distributing releases through EIN Presswire provided tremendous value for growing awareness and search visibility.

Website Submissions

Markeeters submitted the company website to over thirty general and industry-specific web directories, curated lists, and review platforms.

These sites provide exposure and backlinks for businesses through website submissions and listings.

glassdoor markeeters
glassdoor marketers

By manually submitting the website with optimized titles, descriptions, and categorization, Markeeters was able to get the site listed on these high-authority directories and review platforms.

Being published on these sites helped improve domain authority and increase visibility in search engines

Website submission proved to be an effective tactic for securing relevant backlinks from directories and review sites with high domain authority. 

Apart from this Markeeters implemented other white hat SEO link-building strategies like Image Submission, Social Bookmarking, Video Submission, Web 2.0 submission and growing their reach and discoverability worldwide.

Results Achieved

  • Within 45 days, the website’s DA rose from 1 to 17.
  • Total backlinks acquired: 34, through 23 unique linking root domains. (Moz)
  • The diversity and relevance of backlink sources proved extremely effective.
  • Significant increase in organic traffic and improvement in keyword rankings.

Key Takeaway

The impressive growth in DA and ranks demonstrates the ROI of a dedicated strategic link-building approach. For long-term success, partnering with an expert SEO agency or consultant can provide immense value.

A skilled SEO professional can audit your current website and performance, identify opportunities, and execute a customized strategy optimized for your business goals. Investing in an expert marketer can maximize search visibility and accelerate sustainable growth.

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