Adobe Adds Generative AI to Photoshop Web

The popular photo and image editing tool Photoshop is now available on web browsers without needing to download or install the desktop application.

The web-based Photoshop integrates new generative AI capabilities including image expansion, removal, and text-based image generation.

It also suggests relevant edits to make based on the user's workflow, a feature already offered in the desktop version.

The web version of Photoshop provides a redesigned, simplified layout and user experience.

Adobe has been gradually integrating more AI abilities into Photoshop over the years, like background removal.

But recently, Adobe has accelerated its initiatives to expand the role of generative AI in assisting creatives and simplifying editing.

Adobe states the integration of AI into tools like Photoshop is intended to assist human creatives rather than replace them.

With this major web launch, Photoshop takes a huge step forward into the new era of AI-empowered creative tools.

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