Microsoft Launches Python Editor for Excel


New Dedicated Python Editor

The Editor allows users to more seamlessly leverage the power of Python for data analysis and manipulation alongside conventional Excel formulas.

Developed by Excel Labs

The Python Editor comes from Excel Labs, an internal Microsoft Garage initiative consisting of members from the Excel team working on experimental projects.

IDE-Like Coding Experience

The Editor offers an integrated development environment-like experience for Python in Excel, with features like syntax highlighting, IntelliSense, automatic code completion, and debugging capabilities.

Optimized for Longer Scripts

The Python Editor provides an optimized user experience for longer, more traditional programming workflows. It reduces risks when iterating on code before committing changes.

Available as Excel Add-In

The utility is currently available as an add-in through the Excel Add-Ins Store for anyone who has enabled Python in Excel support.

Not Built-In Yet

The Python Editor is not natively built into Excel, but could potentially become integrated if it gains enough popularity among the Excel user community.

Enhancing Python-Excel Capabilities

The dedicated Python Editor makes it much easier for Excel users to leverage the power of Python for advanced data analysis, modeling, and automation tasks alongside their normal spreadsheet workflows.