7 Startups in OpenAI's Investment Portfolio


OpenAI Startup Fund

Launched in 2021 by Sam Altman, the $100M OpenAI Startup Fund aims to make early stage investments in emerging AI companies that will bring positive impact to the world.


1. Speak

Speak is a mobile app that uses speech recognition and AI tutoring to teach language learners how to speak English. It was one of the first investments by OpenAI's fund. Speak has raised $63M total to date, including a recent $16M Series B round. The app is also available as a ChatGPT plugin.

2. Descript

Founded by Andrew Mason, Descript is an app that leverages AI to provide intuitive editing of audio and video content in a text editor interface. OpenAI led tens of millions in investment. In total Descript has raised over $100M. It recently acquired SquadCast to expand into podcast creation.

3. Mem

Mem, founded by Eric Kim, is an AI-powered workspace that organizes notes and tasks in a customized way for each user. OpenAI led a $23.5M investment round in late 2022. So far Mem has raised $29.1M in total funding.

4. Harvey

Harvey provides lawyers an AI-powered natural language interface to improve workflow and productivity. OpenAI led Harvey's $5M funding round. To date the legal tech startup has raised $26M total. Recently it was integrated by one of the world's largest law firms, Allen & Overy.

5. 1X

Previously known as Halodi Robotics, 1X uses robotics and AI to augment human labor. OpenAI participated in 1X's $23.5M March 2022 funding round. In total the company has raised $36.5M to support its mission.

6. Milo

Created by Avni Patel Thompson, Milo is an AI assistant that helps families organize tasks and planning. It is funded by OpenAI, Y Combinator, and angels. Milo was selected as one of the first 12 apps to launch ChatGPT plugins. It has raised undisclosed pre-seed and seed funding.

7. Charles AI

Charles AI is an early stage AI startup that has received $250K in seed funding from OpenAI's fund. Specific details about the company's focus and operations are not yet public.

OpenAI Funds AI's Future

The OpenAI Startup Fund portfolio contains innovative companies applying AI in areas like education, legal, robotics, and more. The fund represents investments in AI's positive potential.