With Ask GITA, India Building it's Own Generative AI


Ask GITA Showcased at G20

Ask GITA is India's first step toward developing its own ChatGPT-like generative AI model. It will be showcased at the upcoming G20 Summit as a basic generative interface based on the GPT-4 model that can answer life questions by referencing the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

Image Credit: G20.org

Leveraging Bhashini Repository

India plans to build its full generative AI model using Bhashini, the digital repository containing content in 22 Indian languages as well as some international languages. This large corpus of localized data will power the model.

Image Credit: bhashini.gov.in

Digital Public Good Vision

The government aims to eventually make India's homegrown generative AI tool available as a digital public good, similar to how platforms like Aadhaar, UPI, and Digilocker were offered for public benefit.

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Addressing Security Concerns

Building a trusted and reliable generative model is a high priority for India, given wider security concerns about potential risks of generative AI noted in surveys.

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Global IndiaAI 2023 Conference

MeitY is organizing the Global IndiaAI 2023 conference focused on AI trends including generative models, healthcare applications, future research, and more. It will highlight India's AI leadership.

Image Credit: indiaai.gov.in

G20 Digital India Experience

Ask GITA and the Bhashini multilingual chatbot will showcase India's prowess in AI development to G20 delegates at the summit's Digital India Experience Zone.

Image Credit: hindustantimes

India's AI Leadership Aspirations

From unveiling Ask GITA to building its own full-fledged generative model, India aspires to lead in ethical and inclusive AI innovation.

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