Top 10 Free Local Business Listing Sites in USA 2024

Local business listing sites are online platforms where businesses can create profiles to provide essential information about their products and services. 

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Google My Business

A free online tool provided by Google that allows businesses to create and manage their online presence on Google's search engine and maps. 

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Yahoo Local

A business directory and local search platform provided by Yahoo. It's designed to help businesses, particularly local ones, establish an online presence.

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A popular online platform and mobile app that connects people with local businesses. It primarily focuses on user-generated reviews and recommendations, making it a valuable resource

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Microsoft's search engine provides businesses with a platform to create and manage their online listings. It's valuable for increasing visibility on Bing search results and maps.


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A free network that connects local businesses and consumers, Merchant Circle allows businesses to create detailed profiles and engage with customers through blogs, coupons, and newsletters.

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A directory that helps users find local businesses and deals. Businesses can create listings with important information and promote special offers.

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This platform offers a service for businesses to update and manage their online listings across various directories. It ensures consistent and accurate information about your business.

ExpressUpdateUSA by InfoUSA

Insider Pages

A platform where consumers can read and post reviews about local businesses. It offers businesses the opportunity to manage their online reputation.

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This platform allows users to discover and review businesses in their area. Businesses can claim their listings, provide information, and engage with customers.

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A business directory where businesses can create profiles with detailed information, including products, services, and contact details. It's designed to improve online visibility.

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