9 Tips on Using Quora for SEO


1. Add Keywords to Display Name

Strategically include your target SEO keywords and phrases in your Quora display name to help your profile rank higher in search results for those terms.

2. Use Keywords in Credential

Customize the credential that appears under your name to highlight your areas of expertise. Adding SEO keywords here signals to readers what you specialize in.

3. Optimize Bio for SEO

Naturally incorporate your primary and secondary target keywords in your Quora profile bio to optimize it for search visibility on the platform.

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4. Ask and Answer Your Own Questions

You can anonymously ask SEO-focused questions on Quora and then provide helpful answers containing backlinks to increase visibility. Quora recommends this.

5. Create Keyword Topics

Make new Quora topics optimized around your target SEO keywords and phrases to help your content rank for those search terms on the platform.

6. Include Keywords in Answers

Strategically incorporate your focus keywords and phrases near the beginning of your Quora answers to boost visibility in search results for those terms.

7. Make Optimized Quora Spaces

Create Quora Spaces with SEO-optimized titles, posts containing keywords, and contextual backlinks to maximize search visibility.

8. Get a Business Profile

Having a Quora Business Profile allows more backlink and branding opportunities through managed, company-branded answers.

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9. Add Backlinks in Bios

Insert links to your website in the bio sections of your personal and business Quora profiles for quick SEO wins.

Use these proven tips together to significantly boost your visibility and backlinks both on Quora and in search engine results pages.