How to Find a Remote Work-from-Home Job


Know the Terminology

Be aware of the many different phrases used in job listings to mean "remote work", such as distributed workforce, work-from-home, virtual job, and more. Use the right keywords in your search.

Read Job Listings Carefully

Carefully note if roles are fully 100% remote or hybrid remote/in-office jobs. Many remote jobs also have location requirements so check for those.

Avoid Scams

Watch for red flags in job posts like info requests early on, upfront fees, or claims that seem too good to be true. Thoroughly research companies and job titles along with "scam" to uncover any issues.

Use Remote-Specific Job Sites

Specialized job search platforms thoroughly vet and curate remote and flexible job opportunities to help job seekers avoid scams and find quality openings.

Highlight Remote Skills

Even without direct remote work experience, draw out examples of skills like time management, self-motivation, proactive communication, and using collaboration tools that translate well to remote roles.

Prep for Video Interviews

Set up required technology, secure a professional space, practice remote position-specific common interview questions, and test equipment to ensure smooth video interviews.

Check Out Remote Roles

Search open remote positions at leading work-from-home companies in your field to find the right professional remote fit for you!