10 Highest Paid Digital Marketing Remote Jobs


What is a Remote Digital Marketing Job?

A remote digital marketing job involves utilizing digital strategies and channels to market products, services, and brands online from anywhere with an internet connection. It provides location flexibility.

1. VP of Digital Marketing

Average salary range of $170K-$320K. Leads, manages, and oversees entire digital marketing department, campaigns, and strategies. Implements initiatives to expand reach and penetration of digital marketing efforts.

2. Chief Growth Officer

Average salary range of $218K-$360K. Responsible for developing and executing innovative, data-driven growth strategies across all digital channels and ensuring collaboration between departments.

3. Chief Marketing Officer

Average salary range of $250K-$400K. Develops and oversees execution of fully integrated marketing strategies across all traditional and digital marketing channels and ensures brand consistency.

4. Digital Strategist

Average salary range of $80K-$120K. Develops and executes short and long-term digital marketing strategies, content plans, and social media initiatives tightly aligned with overarching business goals.

5. BI Analytics Manager

Average salary range of $140K-$200K. Manages business intelligence strategy utilizing latest data analytics, mining, and visualization tools to uncover impactful insights that enable data-driven business decisions.

6. Digital Producer

Average salary range of $85K-$135K. Oversees end-to-end digital content production across mediums like website development, video production, mobile app creation, and more based on project timelines and budgets.

7. Social Media Manager

Average salary range of $90K-$125K. Develops, manages, and monitors data-driven social media strategies and campaigns across all major social media platforms to engage audiences and promote brand.

8. Email Developer/Designer

Average salary range of $100K-$130K. Designs aesthetically appealing and highly targeted email campaigns, codes and tests for rendering, and manages deployment through email service providers.

9. Digital Project Manager

Average salary range of $125K-$140K. Manages and coordinates entire execution of digital marketing strategies and campaigns by collaborating with designers, developers, writers, and other internal team members.

10. E-Commerce Developer

Average salary range of $100K-$140K. Develops, optimizes, maintains, and updates eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento, ensuring excellent user experience and maximized conversions.

Lucrative Remote Digital Marketing Careers

These are some of the most in-demand and highest paying remote digital marketing jobs available that provide location flexibility combined with strong compensation.