Google's Bard AI can now connect to your Google apps and services


Integrates with Google Services

Bard can now connect to and show users relevant information from their Google apps and services like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube, Flights, and more directly within conversational responses.

Plan Trips Within One Chat

For example, Bard can pull flight dates and details, hotel reservations, Maps directions to the airport, and YouTube destination videos together seamlessly to help plan a vacation, all within one continuous chat.

Access Google Drive Content

Bard can summarize a resume stored in your Google Drive or help collaboratively write a cover letter using your own Drive content as a starting point.

Easily Verify Responses

Users can click Bard's new "Google it" button to see if its statements are substantiated by or contradicted by readily available information found on the web through Google Search.

Build on Shared Conversations

If someone shares a Bard conversation with you via a public link, you can now ask Bard followup questions and continue the chat to build on the original topic.

Features Expanded to 40+ Languages

Useful capabilities like Lens image uploads, retrieving relevant Search image results, and modifying Bard's responses are now available in over 40 languages beyond just English.

New Reinforcement Learning Model

Bard's new PaLM 2 model, trained using reinforcement learning, brings increased response quality, accuracy, creativity, and multilingual abilities.

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Bard Gets More Connected

Tighter integration with Google's own services makes Bard an even more useful aid for bringing ideas to life by connecting apps and information.