Advanced Ways to Use Competitive Research in SEO

Analyze competitors' reviews to uncover weaknesses you can highlight in your content. Turn pain points into opportunities.

Dig Into Product and Business Reviews

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Use tools like SparkToro to research what your competitors' target audiences care about. Find gaps to fill.

Leverage Audience Insights

Search related subreddits for competitor mentions. Identify frequently asked questions and pain points ripe for helpful content.

Mine Reddit For Insights

Go beyond SERPs to analyze blogs, newsletters, journeys, and more for themes. Uncover differentiators.

Evaluate Owned Media Holistically

Digest findings into clear recommendations on how to capitalize on competitors' weaknesses and unique value propositions.

Present Insights Strategically

Align teams on priority projects to grab share in underserved areas uncovered through research.

Focus Initiatives On Big Opportunities

Advanced competitive research reveals strategic pathways to differentiation and growth overlooked by standard practices.

Stand Out With Smart Competitive SEO