10 Social Media Listening Tools for 2024

Discover 10 Social Media Listening Tools for Business and connect with your audience.

Brand24 provides social insights into what people say online about your brand. Brand24 targets businesses of all sizes.


It has a very simple and clean user interface. Setting up appropriate brand-listening criteria will make it possible for you to hear important brand-related conversations.


It covers all the crucial media outlets where consumers discuss brands. It provides thorough sentiment analysis, determining the tone of the conversations.


BuzzSumo serves as a tool for monitoring social media. It enables you to search the internet for any content containing your search keyword. It shows how much interaction each search result has had.


Sprout Social is a premium professional social media management app. The majority of its functions are focused on managing and optimizing social media. Social CRM tools and social media listening capabilities are included.

Social Sprout

The entire Sprinklr platform is a social suite for businesses. The suite’s social listening feature is a key component. It enables you to view the volume, content, and mood of both past and present online interactions.


Mentionlytics is a strong social listening tool that can quickly locate online mentions of your company. You will be able to participate in conversations online wherever they take place, including blog postings and message boards.


Zoho Social is a robust social media management tool that gives companies the chance to keep tabs on interactions with their fans. They have real-time access to the tool which gives them flexibility in reacting to comments and working with followers to create content.

Zoho Social

Hootsuite helps you maintain tabs on discussions surrounding significant issues, track the performance of your content and brand mentions, and keep an eye on your competitors’ activity via Hootsuite streams.


Digimind offers all the information you require to analyze social and online data and turn it into useful business insights. It delivers market intelligence and social listening. Both are powerful tools with extensive feature sets.