10 must-have skills for Amazon Marketers

Looking to succeed as an Amazon marketer? Develop these 10 essential skills to boost sales and grow any brand on Amazon

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Master optimizing listings for Amazon SEO. Manage titles, images, pricing, etc. to maximize conversions.

Listing Optimization

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Extensive experience with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Headline Search ads. Manage campaigns and track performance.

PPC Advertising Expertise

Write compelling, benefit-focused product descriptions and titles. Know how to highlight key value props and engage customers.

Persuasive Copywriting

Curate visually appealing, high-quality images that adhere to Amazon's guidelines. Use product infographics, lifestyle images, videos.

Visual Asset Curation

Deep knowledge of keyword research and on-page optimization specifically tailored to Amazon's unique algorithm and platform.

Amazon SEO Mastery

Continuously analyze competitors' activities, keywords, ad spend, etc. to differentiate your brand and gain an edge.

Competitive Intelligence

Understand backend inventory analysis, management, and logistics like FBA vs SFP. Help unlock new markets.

Operational Know-How

Create enhanced product descriptions, comparison charts, and branded content with the A+ content feature.

A+ Content Creation

Focus solely on Amazon day in and day out. Have insider connections for news like potential Prime Day dates.

Amazon Immersion

Collect and analyze shopper data to gain actionable insights. Track and report on performance metrics.

Analytics Mastery