10 Growth Hacking Strategies for Startups

Here are the 10 proven growth hacking strategies that startups can use to acquire more users and scale growth.

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Handpick a dedicated team focused on generating and testing ideas. Have a growth lead to set metrics and tempo.

Build a Core Growth Team

Validate your product is desired by customers before growth hacking. Survey target users on product essentiality.

Ensure Product-Market Fit

Start building an email list early. Email marketing has high ROI for driving growth. Offer opt-in incentives.

Build an Email List

Brainstorm regularly with your growth team. The more ideas, the better chance of finding winning experiments.

Rapidly Generate Ideas

Retention is harder than acquisition. Optimize repeat purchases before acquiring more users.

Start with Retention

Reduce friction in signup and onboarding. Get users taking meaningful actions from the start.

Excel at Activation

Create financial models and test ways to overcome obstacles to purchase. Revenue is the primary goal.

Focus on Revenue

Reward existing users for referrals. Aim for viral organic sharing. Incentivize invites until then.

Encourage Referrals

Acquire users once you have strategies for retaining, activating, and monetizing them.

Acquisition Comes Last

Model successful growth hacks from other startups. Analyze what made them effective.

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