Social Media Marketing for Construction Company

Social Media Marketing for Construction Company

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly important for companies in the construction industry. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn allow construction companies to showcase their work, build brand awareness, generate leads and engage with customers. This guide will provide tips and strategies to help your construction company maximize its social media presence.

Target Audience

The main target audience for a construction company’s social media is:

Potential customers – Homeowners and building owners looking for construction services
Industry partners – Subcontractors, suppliers, vendors you work with Current employees – Engaging your existing team on social platforms Prospective employees – Attracting new talent by showcasing your company culture


The goals of leveraging social media as a construction company include:

Increased brand awareness – Highlight your company’s experience and portfolio Lead generation – Drive traffic to your website and capture leads
Recruitment – Attract new employees by showcasing company culture Community engagement – Interact with followers and build relationships Thought leadership – Position company team members as industry experts

Platforms to Focus On

The top social platforms construction companies should have a presence on include:

Facebook – Share project photos, videos, live streams Instagram – Give a behind-the-scenes look at construction sites
LinkedIn – Establish thought leadership, generate leads Twitter – Share company news, engage with industry conversations YouTube – Host video content like tutorial videos

Content Pillars

  • Educational Content: Blog posts, infographics and videos that provide tips, best practices and insights related to construction. Topic ideas: safety procedures, tool reviews, industry trends.
  • Thought Leadership: Position company experts as thought leaders by having them share perspectives on industry issues through blogs, Q&As, videos.
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Give followers an inside look of construction sites and company culture through photos and videos. Showcase projects at different stages.
  • Community Engagement: Respond to all comments, questions, and messages. Engage with industry peers by commenting on their posts and participating in hashtag discussions.

Content Creation & Publishing Strategy

Create a monthly content calendar to outline what types of content will be created and published across each platform. Utilize a mix of original and curated content.

Leverage tools like Canva for graphic creation and Buffer for social media scheduling. For original blogs and videos, develop a process for content ideation, creation and approval.

Aim to post on Facebook and LinkedIn 2-3 times per week, Instagram daily, and Twitter 2-3 times daily. Use relevant hashtags like #construction, #architecture, #engineering. Optimize posts for keyword targeting.

Advertising & Sponsorships

Allocate a portion of your social media budget towards paid promotion like Facebook ads, promoted posts and sponsored content campaigns to reach a larger audience.

Analytics & Reporting

Track key metrics like follower growth, engagement rate, click-through rate, lead conversions and return on ad spend. Use built-in analytics on each platform along with tools like Sprout Social or Hootsuite. Create monthly reports summarizing performance.


Respond professionally to negative comments. Ban or delete highly offensive remarks. Build engagement by asking followers questions, running contests and encouraging user-generated content.


Implementing a strategic social media marketing approach is crucial for construction companies to build their brand, connect with customers and stay at the forefront of their industry online. This guide provides an outline of key steps and considerations. The important thing is to start creating and connecting – your social presence will grow over time.

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